Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2009 has come and gone and has left us with many great memories.

My favorite film of the year was Inglorious Basterds. I also really enjoyed Moon. Sure I haven't gotten to the movies that much this year but those two were my favorite.

I have watched a whole lot of TV this year though, that's a fact! My favorite show of the year was Battlestar Galactica. I still think about that mind-blowing final episode. Wow! There were a lot of other great shows in 2009 so I have to also give credit to Dexter, Curb Your Enthusiasm, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Entourage. Some of the best shows on TV. Of course I have to give an honorable mention to Dirty Jobs, that show is always a sure thing.

I also listened to a bunch of great new albums this year and if you're a regular reader of my blog you know that I've been talking about the Fever Ray album all year. It's made many best of 2009 lists. Also, another album that is my favorite of the year is "Merriweather Post Pavillion" by Animal Collective. Those 2 albums are my most listened to of all the new releases of 2009. They're both extremely unique and fantastic albums, not to mention the Fever Ray concert that I went to in September is probably the best concert that I've ever been to.

I also have to point out these other great albums, "Two Suns" by Bat For Lashes, "March of the Zapotec/Holland" by Beirut, "Eating Us" by Black Moth Super Rainbow, "Bromst" by Dan Deacon, "Veckatimest" by Grizzly Bear, La Roux, "Living Thing" by Peter Bjorn and John, "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" by Phoenix and "Dance Mother" by Telepathe.

I should also point out that a new Depeche Mode album came out this year. Sure it's far from my favorite of the year but I just felt that I should point it out because they're one of my favorite bands.

That's all, be sure to check out Fever Ray and Animal Collective, Inglorious Basterds and the final season of Battlestar Galactica! and Happy New Year!

The Loot

Here's some of the stuff that Santa brought me for Christmas. I'm telling you, that dude totally rocks!

a Baltimore Ravens shot glass, the incredible book Sharp Suits, Jack Daniels coffee, a Baltimore Ravens lighter, a Ryan Newman license plate frame, a beautiful new pair of Doc Martens, a sweet pair of Kenneth Cole cuff links and a gorgeous Kenneth Cole tie bar, a stick of hard salami, Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe CD/DVD and a Baltimore Ravens toothbrush!

What did everyone else get?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, my buddy James out in San Francisco sent me a Christmas card. Here's what he wrote inside:

Thanks buddy! Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you come back to NJ soon!

2009 Christmas card

Here's my design for my 2009 Christmas card that I will be giving out. What do you think?

Christmas Card 2009

Last year were hand drawn cards of sardines which came with a can of sardines. This year it's a collage. I originally wanted to incorporate random images from Wikipedia entries. That was taking a lot longer than I had hoped so I just went with the minimal route, which is more my style anyway. What do you think?

SNL Digital Short: Tizzle Wizzle Show


Favorite TV shows of the week: December 13th to December 19th

I will be putting on hold my favorite TV shows of the week until the second week of January when everything starts back up again. Here are my favorites of this past week:

1) Dexter
- “The Getaway" No Change
2) Family Guy - “Business Guy” Not Aired
3) Dollhouse - “The Attic” +1
4) The Cleveland Show - “A Cleveland Brown Christmas" Not Aired
5) American Dad
- “Rapture's Delight” Not Aired
6) Dollhouse - “Stop-Loss” +1
7) Scrubs - “Our Histories" -1
8) Better Off Ted - “The Lawyer, The Lemur & The Little Listener" No Change
9) The Simpsons - “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" Not Aired

Happy Holidaze!

On Sunday my mother and I went to Keris Christmas Tree Farm. I know the owners of the farm. They've been customers of mine for years and I recently found out about the farm. So, this past Sunday my mother and I went. It was a cold and rainy day but it was still a nice visit. The trees (from what we saw) looked beautiful. On the grounds there were a few structures up, the main one was a Christmas shop. All kinds of odd and not so odd Christmas ornaments and decorations. Right when we walked in there was Santa sitting next to the fire place. I KNOW HIM!!!! He gave us a candy cane each. My mother bought a couple of unique looking ornaments. Outside there was another structure that was giving away hot cocoa, coffee and warm apple cider. We both had the cider from a big pot and it was DELICIOUS! As we were pulling away I noticed another barn in the back with a sign that read "barbecue". I wish it wasn't so miserable outside, I would have certainly investigated that.

On Monday Big Rick and I went down to Philadelphia to pick up honey balls from Cosmi's Pastries. We went there last year during Christmas as well. Cosmi's makes the best honey balls. He also got me a tray of Italian cookies for helping him out. They sure were good!

A couple of weeks ago a customer of mine gave me the coolest gift. He works in television and he knows how much I love TV and he got me the series finale of Battlestar Galactica on DVD. I mean, that in itself is awesome, but what he got me is even more awesome, it is the DVD that the Sci-Fi network gives to the judges of the Emmy awards. It turns out that he's one of the judges and gave me this special DVD. it's packaged in this red cube that is labeled "For Your Consideration". It's so sweet. I'll post pictures later. I was about to take some but my camera isn't working. My sister broke it! Check back soon!

Favorite TV shows of the week: December 6th to December 12th

1) Dexter - “Hello, Dexter Morgan" No Change
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - “The Gang Reignites the Rivalry” No Change
3) The Office - “Secret Santa" +2
4) 30 Rock
- “Secret Santa” -1
5) Fringe - “Grey Matter” -1
6) Dollhouse - “A Love Supreme” +1
7) Super Dave's Spike-Tacular - “Super Risks His Life in the Battle of the Decade” -1
8) Modern Family - “Undeck the Halls” Not Aired
9) Scrubs - “Our Role Models" +1
10) Dollhouse - “Meet Jane Doe” -1
11) Better Off Ted - “Love Blurts" New
12) Community - “Comparative Religion" +1
13) Parks and Recreation - “Christmas Scandal" -1

SNL Digital Short: Shy Ronnie


Favorite TV shows of the week: November 29th to December 5th

1) Dexter - “Lost Boys" No Change
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - “Mac and Charlie Write a Movie” Not Aired
3) 30 Rock
- “Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001” Not Aired
4) Fringe - “Snakehead” Not Aired
5) The Office - “Scott's Tots" Not Aired
6) Family Guy - “Dog Gone" No Change
7) Super Dave's Spike-Tacular
- “Paintball Battle of the Decade” No Change
8) Dollhouse - “The Public Eye” Not Aired
9) Dollhouse - “The Left Hand” Not Aired
10) Scrubs - “Our First Day of School" New
11) Parks and Recreation - “The Fourth Floor" Not Aired
12) Community - “The Politics of Human Sexuality" Not Aired
13) Scrubs - “Our Drunk Friend" New
14) House - “Wilson” No Change
15) Cleveland - “From Bed to Worse" No Change
16) American Dad - “G String Circus" No Change
17) The Simpsons - “Rednecks and Broomsticks" No Change
18) Heroes - “The Fifth Stage" No Change

Let It Snow!

I haven't been leaving many personal blog entries lately. My entries the past couple months have been my Favorite TV Shows of the week list, SNL Digital Shorts or just music videos. I've got a day off and thought I'd finally give some updates. I was actually hoping to go to Baltimore today but the snow kept me from making the trip. Kind of a bummer but it gave me the chance to do some work here. I started making my Christmas cards. Did some painting. Some cleaning. Drinking and eating. The usual stuff.

What have I been up to? I go to Jo Jo's Tavern every Monday night with the guys. Now that Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR championship (AGAIN) I spend my Sundays watching football and other TV. The Ravens don't get much TV time here in NJ so I fine a live stream of the game, if not I watch the Giants. A couple of weeks ago I was in Philadelphia to see my friend Leslie from MICA. She had an art exhibit and showed her amazing work. She was my old neighbor when I was living in Baltimore. A couple of weeks before that my dad and I went out with my buddies to play paintball. It was the first time my dad and I played and we were surprisingly good at it.

You can follow my Twitter feeds to see what I do on a more regular basis. I try to do as many different things as I can but it doesn't happen TOO often.

I honestly believe one of the best shows on TV is Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. It's funny, entertaining and educational. I wish I could be like Mike Rowe.

I also believe that every NFL team has at least one Predator.

I also want to see the Sherlock Holmes movie, not because the movie looks good but because I love the outfits all the guys are wearing. I want to dress like that one a daily basis.

Lastly, it's not too late to get me a Christmas gift, here's my AMAZON WISH LIST!

Oh, and I've been raving about Fever Ray all year. Since I saw the concert back in September the majority of my blog entries have been about Fever Ray. Keeping up the trend I have to mention them again. Fever Ray are making many "Best Of 2009" lists including THIS ONE at Last.Fm. It will be a full year of Fever Ray next month and my love for Fever Ray are just growing more and more!

Favorite TV shows of the week: November 22nd to November 28th

1) Dexter - “Hungry Man" +1
2) Curb Your Enthusiasm
- “Seinfeld" -1
3) Family Guy
- “Jerome is the New Black" +2
4) Super Dave's Spike-Tacular - “Green Machine Record Breaker” No Change
5) Modern Family - “Fizbo” No Change
6) V - “It's Only the Begining” +1
7) House - “Ignorance is Bliss” -1
8) Cleveland - “A Brown Thanksgiving" No Change
9) Sit Down, Shut Up - “High School Musical Musical" No Change
10) American Dad - “My Morning Straitjacket" +1
11) The Simpsons - “Pranks and Beans" -1
12) Heroes - “Thanksgiving" No Change

Fever Ray - "Triangle Walks"

I just found out that the Fever Ray video for "Triangle Walks" is on FUSE On Demand for FREE!!! It's under music videos somewhere, in the underground section, they also have a Peter, Bjorn and John video. I've embedded it below so you don't have to wait. This video is what their live show looks like. Yes, it's that awesome!


Fever Ray - "Keep The Streets Empty"

Here's the brand new video from Fever Ray. It was released 20 minutes ago! It's a pretty creepy video but unfortunately does not have Karin or any of the themes that Fever Ray built over the other videos from the album.


Favorite TV shows of the week: November 15th to November 21st

1) Curb Your Enthusiasm - “The Table Read" No Change
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- “The D.E.N.N.I.S. System” No Change
3) Dexter
- “Road Kill" No Change
4) Fringe - “August” +2
5) 30 Rock - “Sun Tea” No Change
6) Family Guy - “Quagmire's Baby" +2
7) South Park - “Pee” +3
8) Super Dave's Spike-Tacular - “Explosive Debut... Welcome Back Super!” New
9) The Office - “Shareholder's Meeting" -4
10) Modern Family - “Great Expectations” Not Aired
11) V - “A Bright New Day” No Change
12) House - “Teamwork” -3
13) Parks and Recreation - “Hunting Trip" -1
14) Community - “Environmental Science" -1
15) Cleveland - “Ladie's Night" +1
16) Sit Down, Shut Up - “SpEd" +1
17) The Simpsons - “The Devil Wears Nada" Not Aired
18) American Dad - “Shallow Vows" -2
19) Heroes - “Brother's Keeper" No Change

SNL Digital Short: Two Worlds Collide ft. Reba McEntire


Depeche Mode - "Fragile Tension"

Here is the music video for "Fragile Tension", the fourth video from the album "Sounds Of The Universe" by Depeche Mode. Pretty neat effects.

Favorite TV shows of the week: November 8th to November 14th

1) Curb Your Enthusiasm - “Officer Krupke" +1
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- “Mac and Dennis Break Up” -1
3) Dexter
- “Slack Tide" No Change
4) The Office - “Murder" +3
5) Bored to Death - “Take A Dive” +1
6) 30 Rock
- “The Problem Solvers” +1
7) Fringe - “Of Human Action” -3
8) Family Guy - “Brian's Got a Brand New Bag" Not Aired
9) House - “Known Unknowns” Not Aired
10) South Park - “Dances with Smurfs” No Change
11) V - “There Is No Normal Anymore” -2
12) Parks and Recreation - “The Camel" -2
13) Community - “Debate 109" No Change
14) Family Guy - “Hannah Banana" Not Aired
15) American Dad - “Man in the Moonbounce" Not Aired
16) Cleveland - “Cleveland Jr.'s Cherry Bomb" Not Aired
17) Sit Down, Shut Up - “Math Lab" Not Aired
18) Heroes - “Shadowboxing" No Change

SNL Digital Short: Get Out


Favorite TV shows of the week: November 1st to November 7th

1) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - “Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens” +1
2) Curb Your Enthusiasm
- “The Black Swan" -1
3) Dexter
- “If I Had A Hammer" +1
4) Fringe - “Earthling” Not Aired
5) V - “Pilot” New
6) Bored to Death - “The Case of the Stolen Sperm” -3
7) The Office
- “Double Date" -1
8) South Park - “The F Word” -1
9) 30 Rock - “Audition Day” -3
10) Parks and Recreation - “Ron and Tammy" -1
11) Modern Family - “En Garde” -1
12) Community - “Home Economics" -4
13) Heroes - “Once Upon A Time In Texas" No Change

SNL Digital Short: Firelight



I'm so happy that baseball is over, now I can get back to my regularly scheduled television programs, maybe even do something productive, maybe a bit of traveling, congratulations to the New York Yankees for winning the 2009 Major League Baseball Championship and great job to the Philadelphia Phillies, you put up a helluva fight!

Favorite TV shows of the week: October 25th to October 31st

a little late this week...

1) Bored to Death - “The Case of the Beautiful Blackmailer” +9
2) Curb Your Enthusiasm
- “The Bare Midriff" -1
3) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- “The Gang Wrestles For The Troops” -1
4) Dexter - “Dirty Harry" -1
5) The Office
- “Koi Pond" -1
6) 30 Rock - “Stone Mountain” -1
7) South Park - “Whale Whores” +1
8) Community
- “Introduction to Statistics" +1
9) Parks and Recreation - “Greg Pitkitis" +1
10) Modern Family - “Run For Your Wife” -4
11) Heroes - “Strange Attractors" No Change
12) Sit Down, Shut Up - "Helen and Sue's High School Reunion" Not Aired

Baby G and the Pumpkin

Today we carved a pumpkin for Baby G. He seems to enjoy it.


more reviews of Fever Ray

It's been a month since I saw Fever Ray live and the performance still haunts me. Here's 2 more reviews of the show I was at:


"Attempting to put Fever Ray’s live show into words is a bit like trying to tell someone about the weird dream you had last night. It’s virtually impossible to describe the Swedish banshee’s visual and sonic spectacle and do it any kind of justice."


Fever Ray - "Stranger Than Kindness"

A few days ago Fever Ray posted a new video for their cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Stranger Than Kindness". The video is similar to what their live show is like. The video includes the costumes that the band wore, the stage sets and props and of course the lasers!

and here is the Fever Ray video for their own song "Triangle Walks" which is incredible. This video is also similar to their live show plus the music is more Fever Ray style than the Nick Cave cover.


Favorite TV shows of the week: October 18th to October 24th

1) Curb Your Enthusiasm - “Denise Handicapped" No Change
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- “The World Series Defense” No Change
3) Dexter - “Dex Takes a Holiday" +1
4) The Office
- “The Lover" -1
5) 30 Rock
- “Into the Crevasse” No Change
6) House - “Brave Heart" +5
7) Modern Family - “Coal Digger” -1
8) South Park - “W.T.F.” +4
9) Community - “Football, Feminism and You" -1
10) Parks and Recreation - “KaBOOM!" -3
11) Bored to Death - “The Case of the Lonely White Dove” -2
12) The Simpsons - “Treehouse of Horror XX" +4
13) Dollhouse - “Belonging" Not Aired
14) Heroes - “Tabula Rasa" -1
15) The Cleveland Show - “Birth of a Salesman" -1
16) American Dad - “Brains, Brains and Automobiles” -1


Just got in from Canal's. Purchased a whole bunch of beer and a couple bottles of wine to stock up for the winter. Now that the weather is getting cooler I chose stout beers and other darker beers. Here's a list of what I got today:

Samuel Smith oatmeal stout - 4 pack
Smithwicks ale - 6 pack
Guinness draught - 4 pack cans
Guiness 250th Anniversary Stout - 6 pack
Founders Breakfast Stout - 4 pack
Chimay Blue - 1 bottle

Rosenblum Cellars cabernet sauvignon
Rex Goliath 47 Pound Rooster cabernet sauvignon

The question that I have for you is, who wants to be my friend?

Favorite TV shows of the week: October 11th to October 17th

1) Curb Your Enthusiasm - “The Hot Towel” +8
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- “The Waitress Is Getting Married” +1
3) The Office
- “Mafia" -2
4) Dexter
- “Blinded By The Light" -3
5) 30 Rock - “Season 4” New
6) Modern Family - “The Incident” No Change
7) Parks and Recreation - “Sister City" +2
8) Community - “Advanced Criminal Law" +3
9) Bored to Death - “The Case of the Stolen Skateboard” +3
10) Fringe - “Dream Logic" -3
11) House - “Instant Karma" -3
12) South Park - “Butters' Bottom Bitch” +4
13) Family Guy
- “Spies Reminiscent of Us” No Change
14) Heroes - “Hysterical Blindness" +3
15) The Cleveland Show - “The One About Friends" No Change
16) Sit Down, Shut Up - “Tackin'" +1
17) American Dad - “Home Adrone” -1
18) The Simpsons - “The Great Wife Hope" No Change

SNL Digital Short: Brenda & Shaun


Favorite TV shows of the week: October 4th to October 10th

1) The Office - “Niagara" +9
2) Dexter
- “Remains To Be Seen" +1
3) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - “The Gang Gives Frank An Intervention” +3
4) Entourage - “Give A Little Bit” +1
5) Modern Family - “Come Fly With Me” -1
6) Dollhouse - “Belle Chose" +5
7) Fringe - “Momentum Deffered" No Change
8) House - “The Tyrant" No Change
9) Parks and Recreation - “Practice Date" +5
10) Curb Your Enthusiasm
- “The Reunion” -9
11) Community - “Social Psychology" -2
12) Bored to Death - “The Case of the Missing Screenplay” +1
13) Family Guy - “Family Goy” -11
14) The Cleveland Show - “Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance" -2
15) American Dad - “Moon Over Isla Island” No Change
16) South Park - “Dead Celebrities” New
17) Heroes - “Acceptance" No Change
18) Sit Down, Shut Up
- “Mr. Hofftard Goes To Washington" No Change
19) The Simpsons - “Bart Gets A 'Z'" No Change

SNL Digital Short: On The Ground


Favorite TV shows of the week: September 27th to October 3rd

1) Curb Your Enthusiasm - “Vehicular Fellatio” +3
2) Family Guy - “Road to the Multiverse” New
3) Dexter - “Living the Dream" New
4) Modern Family - “The Bicycle Thief” +2
5) Entourage - “Scared Straight” No Change
6) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- “The Great Recession” -3
7) Fringe - “Fracture" -3
8) House - “Epic Fail" -4
9) Community - “Introduction to Film" +1
10) The Office - “The Promotion" -2
11) Dollhouse - “Instinct" -2
12) The Cleveland Show - “Pilot" New
13) Bored to Death - “The Alanon Case” -5
14) Parks and Recreation - “Beauty Pageant" -1
15) American Dad - “In Country... Club” New
16) Heroes - “Ink" -3
17) Sit Down, Shut Up - “Hurricane Willard" No Change
18) The Simpsons - “Homer the Whopper" New
19) Glee - “The Rhodes Not Taken" New

Fever Ray live reviews

Words cannot explain how incredible the Fever Ray concert was. It was 2 days ago and I'm still not sure if it was a dream (nightmare?) or not. I've seen many bands live, many different and unusual bands and seeing Fever Ray live was one of the most unique concerts that I've ever been to. From the costumes, performance, music and overall sound, everything was just near perfect, and there were LASERS!!!

Here's a bunch of links to reviews of the concert that I copied directed from Fever Ray's site:

Live Review: The Culture of Me at Webster Hall
October 1st, 2009
"In what will more than likely be set in stone as the single most memorable concert we'll experience in 2009, the mysterious project from Karin Dreijer-Andersson, Fever Ray, played their first NYC show on Monday night to a sold-out-like-whoa crowd at Webster Hall"

Live Review: Billboard at Webster Hall
October 1st, 2009
"Inspired by equal parts "Exorcist," a Pink Floyd planetarium show and your grandmother's basement, Fever Ray's visual spectacle was as eerie and entrancing as the devilish, downbeat tunes pouring from the speakers. Though both of Andersson's projects are cut from the same experimental cloth, the differences between them were apparent from the first ominous notes. Where the Knife bubbles and bounds with one eye toward the dancefloor, Fever Ray slithers with subdued energy, quietly winding haunting vocals harmonies and peculiar keyboard melodies around hypnotizing tribal rhythms. Even with the cornea-searing lasers bouncing around the balcony, Fever's first-ever U.S. concert was a slower, more subtle affair than the Knife's Blue-Man-Group-on-ecstasy live events."

Live Review & Photos: Flavor Pill at Webster Hall
September 30th, 2009
"As smoke swirled like liquid in the green light- and incense-filled the room, a blonde pop star took the stage, joining her band. She looked like Diana, goddess of the hunt, but without her usual mask. Finally we got a good look at Karin Dreijer Andersson: Swedish electronic artist, mother of two, and one half of the famously elusive brother-sister duo,
The Knife."

Live Pictures: Pitchfork @ Webster Hall
September 30th, 2009

Live Review: Vanity Fair at Webster Hall
September 30th, 2009
"If the psychedelic filmmaker Kenneth Anger somehow commandeered the controls at Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion, the result might look like last night's Fever Ray show at Webster Hall in New York City."

Live Pictures: Prefix Magazine at Webster Hall
September 30th, 2009
Photos from Fever Ray @ Webster Hall, New York City by
Gabi Porter

Live Review & Pictures: Village Voice at Webster Hall
September 30th, 2009
"Starting the set off in an immense fur coat, she was like a mummified ancient royal waking from hibernation. But then she took off the beast and hung it up right next to her in front of a well-positioned fan–for the remainder of the show, the floating coat was Andersson's bellowing shadow, an insanely creepy imaginary friend, and a limp ghost all in one. Stripped of her cover, Andersson gave herself up just enough to warm up the audience while still maintaining her anonymity."
Village Voice also interviewed Karin before her Webster Hall performance, read it

Live Review & Pictures: Brooklyn Vegan at Webster Hall
September 30th, 2009
"I saw
Fever Ray tonight in New York. Amazing, powerful show. Those of you who have the freedom should try and get down to Webster Hall Tuesday, September 29th at noon and wait patiently for any tickets released by the venue (technically the show is sold out, but there are always extras)."

Live Review & Pictures: Stereogum at Webster Hall
September 30th, 2009
"The various costumes and imagery were leitmotifs from Fever Ray's
four super fantastic videos (a fifth is planned); whether they or the live show came first appears to be some chicken-egg shit according to her recent (and very read-worthy) interview with the Voice, so let's just say they've informed each other. There wasn't a narrative per se, but it was more dynamic than the Knife's show, and you'd hear people afterward comparing this shot favorably to that last one. Narrative or no, it did unfold with perfect symmetry: two bold lasers shot out before fanning out to open the show, and the myriad rays collapsed again into two simple beams of light to close it. House lights up, everybody left — partially wondering what they just watched, fully aware they had fodder for half-remembered nightmares all their own. It was spectacular, in every sense."


Fever Ray

I'm about to leave to see Fever Ray at the Webster Hall in NYC with my brother-in-law and Stephanie. I'm very excited, The Knife is one of my most favorite bands, i'd say Top 5, yes, I consider Fever Ray and The Knife the same, even though Karin's work in each are very different. Here's a video of what Fever Ray is like live:

Julia and Brian's Wedding

Over the weekend Stephanie and I went to my cousin Julia and Brian's wedding. It was at this place in South Jersey called Auletto Caterers and it was a lot of fun. Steph drank white wine and champagne and I had red wine and scotch. Unfortunately it rained so we couldn't stroll the grounds and pet the peacocks (yes, they had peacocks). I didn't take many pictures but I posted them to my Facebook which you can see HERE. It was a beautiful wedding, congratulations Julia and Brian.

Favorite TV shows of the week: September 20th to September 26th

1) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - “The Gang Hits the Road” +1
2) House - “Broken" New
3) Fringe - “Night of Desirable Objects" -1
4) Curb Your Enthusiasm - “Funkhouser's Crazy Sister” New
5) Entourage - “Berried Alive” No Change
6) Modern Family - “Pilot” New
7) Bored to Death - “Stockholm Syndrome” New
8) The Office - “The Meetings" No Change
9) Dollhouse
- “Vows" New
10) Community - “Spanish 101" No Change
11) Heroes - “Orientation" New
12) Parks and Recreation - “The Stakeout" No Change
13) Sit Down, Shut Up - “Taming of the Dude" No Change

SNL Digital Short: Megan's Roommate


SNL Digital Short: The Date


Depeche Mode - "Hole to Feed"

Here is the music video for "Hole To Feed", the third video from the album "Sounds Of The Universe" by Depeche Mode. It's gross.
Depeche Mode - Hole To Feed

Favorite TV shows of the week: September 13th to September 19th

My first list of "Favorite TV Shows" for the Fall 2009. Every week I post my favorite TV shows I watched that week in order. Excluding all the sports and variety shows I watch. I love TV.

1) Fringe
- “A New Day in the Old Town" New
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - “The Gang Exploits the Mortage Crisis” New
3) Entourage - “Security Briefs” New
4) The Office
- “Gossip" New
5) Community - “Pilot" New
6) Parks and Recreation
- “Pawnee Zoo" New
7) Sit Down, Shut Up - “High School Confidential" New
8) King of the Hill - “The Boy Can't Help It/The Honeymooners” New

Shoe Fitting X-Ray Machine

During dinner tonight my father told me about his trips to the shoe store as a child. Specifically a store in Trenton that his mother would take him to, the name of the store he can't remember, but he does remember an x-ray machine. Why on Earth would there be an x-ray machine in a shoe store? He remembered putting his feet (while in shoes) in a slot on the bottom of this machine and then looking through a viewer on the top and seeing the outline of the shoes as well as the bones in his feet. At first I thought he was crazy and that he just remembered looking at a picture of a skeleton foot through the viewer but he assured me that you were able to wiggle your toes and see it in real time as a skeleton. He believed these machines were always on or he had to press a button to see the x-ray.

I had never heard of such a thing so as soon as I go home from dinner I did some quick research to find out more about this machine. He thought that the shoe store in Trenton must have had it made for them and that it was one of a kind, my research shows that they were quite common in shoe stores throughout the country in the 30's, 40's and 50's. The machine was called a fluoroscope and they were used to somehow measure shoe sizes to get a "scientifically accurate" fit. I don't know how accurate they actually were though. The machines were slowly phazed out of service in the 60's after they were banned in many states due to the levels of radiation exposure to the user as well as anyone around the machines. That's a picture of one of the machines to the right. Nice find Dad!
I found most of this information HERE and HERE.

Fall TV

This is a big week for me. Most of my favorite shows are starting this week. Which means that this weekend I will start up again with my posting of my favorite tv shows of the week. Every season I post my favorite shows of the week. With the exception of Entourage, nothing has been on all summer. The last time I posted my favorite TV shows was on May 16th, that week my favorite show was My Name Is Earl. Most of my favorite shows start this week and the rest will be having their season premieres in the following weeks.

Even without the TV shows premiering, it's still a big week, today alone is the opening day of the NFL (GO RAVENS). US Open has the women's singles finals and 2 men's singles semifinals. The Yankees play today as the baseball season winds down. Tomorrow there is Monday night football and the men's singles final. This weekend is the first race of the NASCAR Chase for the Cup. Ryan Newman had a strong finish this past Saturday at Richmond which enabled him to qualify for the Chase.

In other words, there is going to be a lot on TV in the coming weeks and keep a look out for my Top TV Shows lists. I don't plan on leaving my house so if you'll have to come and visit me to see me!


Today, my 18 month old nephew, Giovanni, referred to his penis as the "pink snake". True story.

Logitech Harmony One

I received my new universal remote today, the Logitech Harmony One. It's beautiful. The software I downloaded for my computer was extremely easy to use and guided me through all the steps necessary in order to get all of my devices working with the remote. Now I hit one button and the TV/DVR/HD Box/Amp all go on at once. It's great! After the easily guided setup I put the icons of all my favorite channels on the remote. Now if I wanted to watch the YES channel I just hit the YES logo on the remote and the channel comes on. It's a great compliment to my new HD TV.

Mr. Cool Suit

Last week I met some friends over at Houlihan's for karaoke. Our awesome waitress dubbed me "Mr. Cool Suit" as you can see on my tab. It wasn't so much a suit, just a jacket and tie, white pocket square, nice jeans and dress shoes. That's a picture of me singing next to Rick D. And yes, you read the tab correctly, that's $7.75 for a glass of Maker's Mark, crazy!

Paula Abdul says I'm beautiful...

For my birthday Paula wants me to know that I'm beautiful. And you know you hard it is to get a compliment from Paula.

My birthday is today and my friends Tiffany and Tommy and their children Jovie and Spencer sent me this card. It's totally awesome. It has glitter. Glitter makes every card better.

Duchess, Clothier

I posted some pictures of me in my suit from Duchess to my Facebook account. I’ve made it so everyone, including those who are not on Facebook can view the gallery. So check out the gallery by clicking HERE.



My suit from Duchess arrived today. It’s incredibly beautiful. It’s a 3 piece suit from their Scotch Basic named 8 1/2 that is inspired by the Federico Fellini film 8 1/2. When I met with the Ladies of Duchess in NYC a couple months ago I chose the design of the suit and picked a fabric, I found the gray herringbone best fit with my skin color. Last week I bought a bunch of shirts, ties and pocket squares. I’m still looking for shoes. Here’s a couple of pictures of the unpacking of the suit. There’s more pictures of the unpacking on my Facebook and I’ll post some of me wearing the suit later this week.


Another week off...

I had off all last week. It was great. As you know from my last post I got a brand new Samsung HD TV. I love it. I spent most of the week watching TV and movies. It was great. I also actually went out all over to different places including the Yuengling Brewery! It was awesome. Also almost every day I went out shopping. That was equally as awesome, I love shopping. It’s certainly been a great week. Unfortunately all good things must end and I’m down to my last 2 days. Today I’ll be watching the NASCAR race and then who knows about tonight and tomorrow. Ladies?

Later this week my custom made suit from the ladies of Duchess should be arriving. I’m very excited about that. I’ll definitely be posting pictures here and to my Facebook. So check back with further updates on that. Now to watch the race. Go Ryan Newman!!!

Cablevision and my new HD TV

Oh Lord! On Friday I went to Cablevision and picked up a HD DVR box. I hooked it up to my old 27” CRT. Just having a HD box improved the picture. Today I got a brand new Samsung 32” HD TV. It’s incredible! I’m currently watching the Yankees game on YES HD. I’m blown away by how great the picture looks. I also have it connected to my surround sound system.

The Cablevision box is going to take some getting used to. I found that some HD channels aren’t coming in though. It’s just a black screen. Anybody know anything about that? Speed HD is one of them. Some of the channels just say “Initializing Channel” just for a message to come up saying it’s “currently unavailable”. Will these just work one day? Also, is there a way that I can block channels that I don’t subscribe to? Block them from channel up and down and block them in the guide itself. It’s annoying scrolling through the guide and seeing all of these channels that I don’t subscribe to. Channeling up and down and getting stuck on one is annoying too cause it has to load a screen that says I don’t get it.

the day after DM

Last night was the Depeche Mode and Peter, Bjorn and John concert at the Borgata in Atlantic City. This had to have been the hottest indoor concert I’ve ever been to. I’m talking temperature hot and because of that it appeared that the Depeche Mode set was unusually short and I was dying in there so I was completely OK with them cutting it short. Luckily the security detail occasionally handed out small bottles of water to the folks directly against the rail where we were. Folks more than 3 rows deep however didn’t get any. Then again, the fans against the rail by the stage were in line for over 5 hours before even getting into the arena. Below is a picture of me at the front of the line.

With that said,
Depeche Mode were great as always. My sister was completely gushing whenever Dave did his sexy gestures and grinds. She got so excited. She’ll deny this of course and say he’s not her type or something like that. That’s a lie though. Martin looks older and older while Dave gets better looking.

The opening act was great. I’ve been a fan of
Peter, Bjorn and John’s for a while but this is my first time seeing them live. Peter was so fun up on stage. Even off the stage when he lunged into the crowd directly in front of us while singing “Young Folks”. Of course he couldn’t get back on the stage, it was kinda sad but cute and funny at the same time. We all agreed that Peter would make an excellent play pal for Jen and Chris’s 17 month old son Giovanni. I’ll have to email him to see if he’s free.

It was a great concert, it also helped that before the show started I won $100 on the slots. It was a good night.


Depeche Mode with Peter, Bjorn & John TONIGHT!

I’m seeing Depeche Mode with Peter, Bjorn and John tonight at the Borgata in Atlantic City. I’m very excited! I love both bands! This is my 3rd time seeing Depeche Mode at the Borgata, my 14th time seeing them overall. Yea, I like them a lot!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Today is my sister’s birthday. I drew her a card. It’s a cow with a cat’s head that is about to drink from a crater filled with fruit punch. I hope that she likes it.

Happy birthday Jennifer!

The Ten

Gosh, I love NetFlix streaming. I just wish I had a better internet connection so that I can get better looking video quality. Last night I brought my laptop out back and streamed The Ten off of NetFlix’s site. I smoked a Drew Estate Root that I had aging in my humidor for years now and I drank some Maker’s Mark bourbon. It was a good night, albeit a little on the warm side.

Crosley Nomad

Excellent! I received my Crosley Nomad radio today. This radio is so awesome looking. I love the 1930’s design to it. I needed a radio to take with me on my picnics and this is the one, it even has an input for my iPod! My picnics have become that much more awesome. I hope it sounds as good as it looks!

Picnic Time

I finally got a chance to use the picnic basket that I had mentioned earlier. Last night Dana and I went on a picnic together. It was excellent. I threw out my nice plaid blanket. We loaded up the basket with delicious healthy foods and I brought a bottle of cabernet and a bottle of water. I dressed up but not too fancy, I wore my new Montecristo/Panama hat. Dana took some pictures, maybe she’ll post them to Facebook or something. We went to Sayen Gardens, very nice and relatively quiet location. You can see the envy on the few passerby’s faces. It was a beautiful evening.

Afterwards we went to a tattoo art show at
Artworks in Trenton. The show was small and I felt out of place because I didn’t have a black t-shirt on with a devil on the front. Regardless, there was some interesting art and it wasn’t too far away.

I can hardly wait for the next picnic though. I have a sweet radio coming this week to bring along with me. It’s going to be super awesome. Dana and I will be credited for the rebirth of old fashioned picnics.


Earliest this week Dana and I saw the film MOON. It’s only been a few days but the more I think about it the more and more I like this film. Everything about this film is great. The music is awesome, the lighting is awesome and the acting is great. I was following the trailers since the first one became available and thought it looked great but I was surprised that the trailers really didn’t show much as to what the movie is really about. I really wish I could talk about it more but I’d hate to ruin it. But if you’re a fan of sci-fi mysteries then this one is a must-see. Great film.

R.I.P. Julia Beck

My grandmother passed away this past Sunday.

Julia A. Giovannetti Beck

PRINCETON - Julia A. Giovannetti Beck of Princeton entered into God's Care Sunday in the University Medical Center at Princeton, with her family by her side.

Born in Trenton, Julia was a lifelong Trenton/Hamilton area resident before moving to Princeton in 2005. Julia was a homemaker, who enjoyed cooking, spending time with her family and visits from her lifelong friend, Lucia. Predeceased by her parents, Fanny and Carl Giovannetti; her brother Don; three sisters, Mary, Helen and Laura; her husband, John D. Beck, Sr., and her son, James Beck, she is survived by one son and daughter-in-law, John & Susan D. Beck, Jr. of Yardville; two sisters, Margaret Fabiano and Ann Trippo; three grandchildren, John P. Beck, Jennifer Lucania, her husband Christopher, and Michael Beck, son of James Beck; also survived by many nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, July 18, 2009 at Chambers D´Errico and Correnti Funeral Home, 825 Chambers St., Trenton. Burial will follow. Calling hours will be from 12 noon to 1 p.m. at the funeral home.

My Week Off...

I had off from work for the past week, here’s just some of the things that I did, in order:

Watched the Subway 250 at Daytona, Rock Band, went to Jen and Chris’s for Independence Day, watched the Coca-Cola Zero at Daytona, spectacular wreck coming to the checkered, Ryan Newman finished 20th, watched the Yankees, watched Jarhead, watched more Yankees, visiting my grandmother at Princeton Hospital, boo, Dr. House was off that day, boo, went to see The Hangover with Dana, yay! met the guys for a beer at Jo Jo’s, painted, Rock Band, watched more Yankees, watched Deadliest Catch, visited James and Jane in Long Branch, went to WindMill Hot Dogs, went to Lighthouse for water ice, watched more Yankees, watched Vincent & Theo, painted, went to the Freedom Fest Fair at the Horse Park of New Jersey, watched the Dollar General 300 at Chicagoland, Ryan Newman finished 22nd, Rock Band, watched the LifeLock.com 400 at Chicagoland, Ryan Newman finished 6th, watched the Yankees, bad news, grandmom Beck died today, boo, smoked a Macanudo Portofino that I’ve had in my humidor for about 5 years and drank some Maker’s Mark to honor grandmom, watched Howl’s Moving Castle, watched the new Entourage.

Today I just hung around and cleaned, put some stuff into storage and painted more, tonight I’ll finish off my “vacation” with the guys at Jo Jo’s Tavern. I’ll see you there!

R.I.P. Julia Beck

Happy Beck!

Some customers got me an ice cream cake today. Why? Because I am awesome. This is true. I am. What else could it be? Check out the cake:


Picnic Basket

I received my totally sweet new picnic basket today. It’s so rad. As you can see from the picture it has all the stuff that I would need for a picnic, plates, glasses, corkscrew and silverware. There are 2 spots for wine bottles, in my case one will be for wine and the other for a bottle of water. It has plenty of room inside for the usual picnic foods; fruit, cheese, crackers and bread. I have a nice picnic blanket and an old fashioned Crosley radio. I’m all ready for the summer. All I need now is for someone to join me on a picnic, ladies?


On Saturday me and Chris and his workmates went down to Baltimore for the day. Headed over to the Brewer’s Art for some delicious beers and dinner. I forgot to pick up a couple bottles for myself. Maybe I’ll head down next week ago. After dinner we went to Camden Yards for the Orioles vs. Nationals game. Orioles won, after the game they were showing Field of Dreams on the big screen at the park. We decided to skip that and instead headed to Little Italy and my favorite dessert place Vaccaro’s. I love that place, whenever I’m in town I have to stop there and get the tiramisu gelato. Gosh that sure is good.

Yesterday I watched the race. Ryan Newman had a lousy car and got a little banged up from some wrecks around him. It looked like it was about to rain and Newman was leading but the crew miscalculated how much fuel he had in his tank and he had to pit. 3 laps later the rain came and the race ended. Newman finished 29th. Took a big chance and it didn’t work out. Despite that he only dropped 1 spot in the standings down to 7th. We’ll get them next time.

Now I’m about to head to my usual Monday night hang out spot, Jo Jo’s Tavern. I meet the guys there every week for food and drink and we hang out and celebrate out friendship. Pretty exciting. See you there!

Business Cards

I received my first batch of business cards today. They came out pretty nice. I designed them to reflect my website. You can’t tell from the picture below but the gray on the front is actually lines sort of like the gray lines on my site and the back is pattern of burgundy ‘dots’. They look better in person, let me know what you think, I think whenever I order my next batch I’ll make the pattern on the back of the card a bit more noticeable:


Curtin's Wharf

Tonight we went to Curtin’s Wharf for dinner and it was incredible! If you’re in the Burlington, NJ area you have to check this place out. The prices are a bit steep but it’s quality food, top notch service and an incredible ambience. Heck, you can take a boat there, as I was sitting on the back deck eating I was watching folks coming in from the river for dinner. There was a calypso band playing to add to the ambience. If it was a bit cheaper I would go all the time. The prices aren’t bad though considering how awesome everything is. I can hardly wait to go back. I strongly recommend it to everyone. Here’s a little picture I took from my cell phone (didn’t realize that I had the resolution set to LOW):

Art All Night

It’s 4 AM and I just got in from Art All Night. I know, it’s all night, I just couldn’t make it. I’ll be back around 12:30 PM for the rest of the 24 hour art “mini-festival”.

After I left the Hopkins BBQ the Murray brothers and I went to Art All Night in Trenton. We got there around 1:30 AM and there was a large amount of people, I was surprised. The band that was performing was good. The visual art left much to be desired but for the most part they were generally positive, some terrific ones and some downright awful ones. As the night progressed the bands got worse and worse. The last performance was 3 AM. Art All Night is a 24 hour art festival, it started at 3 PM on Saturday and goes to 3 PM on Sunday. Here’s their website: http://www.artworkstrenton.org/artallnight/index.html

I recommend. It’s not NEARLY as cool as the art festival they have down by my school in Baltimore but it’s ok for Trenton. The Baltimore one is called Artscape and is the largest arts festival in the country. Figure the Trenton one draws in close to 5,000 folks, Artscape draws in about 1 million. But hey, it’s a start. So I recommend you check it out, like I said, I’ll be there at about 12:30 on Sunday. See you there!

Depeche Mode - "Peace"

The new Depeche Mode video for their single “Peace”

Depeche Mode - "Peace"

Duchess, Fine Clothier

Last night I drove up to NYC to the Veloce Club at 17 Cleveland Place. I met up with Seyta of Duchess. I was measured for a new suit and picked out fabric and designs. I turns out my left arm is a half in longer than my right. Ha. I’m very excited about this. I’ve been wanting a nice suit for a while so I’m getting one made for me. It’s going to be gorgeous. There were a lot of guys there in their own wares and they all look great. I hope to get another suit maybe later this year or early next year. Seyta was extremely helpful not to mention being a great designer too. I highly recommend Duchess!

Also yesterday Ryan Newman finished 8th which put him up 2 more spots in the standings up to 5th now! His teammate Tony Stewart finished 2nd which means he took over the points lead! Yay!

On Saturday we played our 11th annual softball game and bbq. I did fairly well, made a couple outs on well hit balls and I got on base only cause of my lighting speed. I played third base. Made a few good plays in the field including an unassisted double play.

Tonight I’ll be meeting the guys at Jo Jo’s Tavern. I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a good weekend.

Set for launch

The Rocketman is back on top as Ryan Newman secured his first pole position for Stewart-Haas Racing for Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. GO RYAN NEWMAN!!!!


Depeche Mode with Peter Bjorn and John

Ok, so I’ll be seeing Depeche Mode for the 14th time in August at the Borgata in the City of Atlantic. That’s pretty exciting right? But not since The The opened up for them back in ages ago that a band I like is the opener. Steffers just told me that Peter Bjorn and John are opening up for them! So awesome! I’m so excited!

That now pushes The The, Nitzer Ebb and Stabbing Westward down a notch for the best bands that I’ve seen open up for DM!

Favorite TV shows of the week: May 10th to May 16th

1) My Name Is Earl - “Dodge’s Dad" +3
2) 24 - “Day 7: 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM” +3
3) 30 Rock - “Kidney Now!" +3
4) The Office
- “Company Picnic" -3
5) Fringe
- “There's More Than One of Everything" -2
6) Breaking Bad - “Over” -4
7) House - “Both Sides Now" +1
8) Family Guy
- “Three Kings” -1
9) Lost - “The Incident" No Change
10) Parks and Recreation - “Rock Show" +1
11) Sit Down, Shut Up - “Back In Time" No Change
12) American Dad - “Daddy Queerest" No Change
13) King of the Hill - “Manger Baby Einstein” No Change
14) The Simpsons - “Four Great Women and a Manicure” No Change

Fever Ray

I got tickets to see Fever Ray on Tuesday, September 29th at Webster Hall in NYC. I’m very excited, who’s going?

Favorite TV shows of the week: May 3rd to May 9th

1) The Office - “Cafe Disco" +3
2) Breaking Bad
- “4 Days Out” No Change
3) Fringe - “The Road Not Taken" +2
4) My Name Is Earl - “Inside Probe, Part 2" -3
5) 24 - “Day 7: 4:00 AM to 5:00 AM” -2
6) 30 Rock - “Mamma Mia" No Change
7) Family Guy - “We Love You Conrad” No Change
8) House - “Under My Skin" +1
9) Lost
- “Follow the Leader" -1
10) Scrubs - “My Finale" Not Aired
11) Dollhouse
- “Omega" No Change
12) Better Off Ted - “Get Happy" Not Aired
13) Parks and Recreation - “The Banquet" -3
14) Scrubs - “My Chief Concern" Not Aired
15) Sit Down, Shut Up - “World’s Greatest Teacher" -2
16) American Dad - “Weiner of Our Discontent" -2
17) King of the Hill - “Bad News Bill” +1
18) The Simpsons - “Waverly Hills, 9021-D'oh!” -1

SNL Digital Short: Motherlover


Whatever Works

The NEW Woody Allen films stars Larry David! Sweet!
An eccentric New Yorker played by Larry David abandons his upper class life to lead a more bohemian existence. He meets a young girl from the south and her family and no two people seem to get along in the entanglements that follow. This is a comedy also starring Ed Begley Jr., Patricia Clarkson, Conleth Hill, Michael McKean, Evan Rachel Wood, and a number of other amusing types.

Directed by: Woody Allen

Starring: Larry David, Ed Begley Jr., Patricia Clarkson, Conleth Hill, Michael McKean, Evan Rachel Wood


More Waltrip on Earl

They showed recaps of My Name Is Earl with Michael Waltrip again, the one with the missing person investigation, along with this added bit “Michael Waltrip’s testimony is equal to 3 regular peoples”. Ha!

Favorite TV shows of the week: April 26th to May 2nd

1) My Name Is Earl - “Inside Probe" +4
2) Breaking Bad - “Better Call Saul” No Change
3) 24
- “Day 7: 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM” -2
4) The Office - “Casual Friday" -1
5) Fringe - “Midnight" +1
6) 30 Rock - “The Natural Order" -2
7) Family Guy - “Stew-Roids” +1
8) Lost
- “The Variable" Not Aired
9) House - “House Divided" Not Aired
10) Parks and Recreation - “Boy’s Club" -3
11) Dollhouse - “Haunted" -1
12) Heroes - “An Invisible Thread” -1
13) Sit Down, Shut Up - “Miracle’s Are Real" +1
14) American Dad - “Every Which Way but Lose" -1
15) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Ring” No Change
16) The Simpsons - “Father Knows Worst” No Change
17) King of the Hill - “Serves Me Right For Giving General George S. Patton The Bathroom Key ” Not Aired

John Beck just signed with the Baltimore Ravens

I’m a big Baltimore Ravens fan so it’s only fitting that I (John Beck) just signed a 1 year deal with them. I’m very excited. I’m totally gonna show up to the voluntary workout!


and here:


Michael Waltrip in My Name Is Earl

Ha, Michael Waltrip was in tonight’s episode of My Name Is Earl “Inside Probe”. The episode stars Geraldo Rivera as a journalist trying to find out what happened to the Crab Shack’s owner. Earl and Randy were accused to murdering him. The evidence was strongly against them but their alibi was that they were hanging out with Michael Waltrip. Michael Waltrip bought them drinks and even had pictures with them to prove they didn’t do it. Also, they got so drunk that Michael Waltrip “2 time Daytona 500 champion gave them a ride home”.

Favorite TV shows of the week: April 19th to April 25th

A little late this week....

1) 24
- “Day 7: 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM” No Change
2) Breaking Bad - “Negro Y Azul” +2
3) The Office - “Broke" -1
4) 30 Rock - “The Ones" +2
5) My Name Is Earl - “Gospel" No Change
6) Fringe - “Bad Dreams" -3
7) Parks and Recreation - “Canvassing" +1
8) Family Guy - “Episode 420” Not Aired
9) South Park - “Fatbeard" +4
10) Dollhouse - “Haunted" Not Aired
11) Heroes - “I Am Sylar” +1
12) Better Off Ted - “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” -3
13) American Dad - “Delorean Story-An" Not Aired
14) Sit Down, Shut Up - “Pilot" New
15) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Colonel” -5
16) Scrubs - “My Cuz” No Change
17) The Simpsons - “The Good, the Sad and the Drugly” Not Aired

Depeche Mode on Kimmel, the day after *UPDATE*

The reviews are pouring in from Depeche Mode’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

NEW: Here’s another review: http://www.accesshollywood.com/on-the-download-jimmy-kimmel-presents-depeche-mode-live_article_17182



Here’s a clip of the first song they did, “Wrong” on Kimmel:

And here’s the second one, “Personal Jesus”, both are available in HD!


Depeche Mode on Kimmel TONIGHT!

Depche Mode are going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight so be sure to watch it.

Kimmel goes on at midnight, I’m gonna try my best to stay up. I don’t have to work tomorrow so hopefully staying up that late won’t mess me up too bad. Times like this I wish I had a DVR so I can watch it over and over and over.

Sounds of the Universe

I got my Depeche Mode “Sounds of the Universe” limited edition box set yesterday. The set itself is a lot nicer than I thought it would be. It’s also a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Very nicely made and put together too. I like the new album so far, not as good as their last one but it’s good, I mean, c’mon, it’s Depeche Mode.

Sounds of the Universe box set


R.I.P. Alfred Guarnieri

My Uncle Al died on Sunday. Bummer.

Alfred Guarnieri

Alfred Guarnieri, 89, of Hamilton Township died Sunday, April 19, 2009, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton, Hamilton Township.

Born in Trenton, NJ, he resided in Hamilton Township for the past 45 years. Mr. Guarnieri was a US Army veteran of World War II. He retired in 1982 after more than 25 years from CV Hill Refrigeration, Trenton. Mr. Guarnieri along with his late wife, Josephine, owned and operated the Cameo Shop, located in the Chambersburg section of Trenton for 12 years until 1974. He was a member of the Roman Hall Society and was Past Commander and member of the Italian American War Veterans Post # 2.

Son of the late Dominic and Catherina Tazza Guarnieri, husband of the late Josephine Reno Guarnieri, brother of the late Jennie Iezzo, he is survived by two sons and a daughter-in-law, Alan R. and Denise Guarnieri of Bordentown Township, and David Guarnieri of Hamilton Township; two sisters, Mary Gallo and Clara Guarnieri, both of Hamilton Township; a sister-in-law, Sue Aregnano; two grandchildren, Alexa and Lucas Guarnieri, and many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

The funeral will be 7:30 a.m. Thursday, April 23, 2009, from the Brenna Funeral Home, 340 Hamilton Ave., Trenton. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 9 a.m. at Saint Mary's Church, 45 Crosswicks Street, Bordentown, NJ. Burial will follow in Brig. General William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery, North Hanover Township, NJ. Calling hours for relatives and friends will be on Wednesday evening, April 22, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Brenna Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in his name to Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Headquarters, 406 West 34th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111. (816-756-3390) or www.vfw.org


Favorite TV shows of the week: April 1th to April 18th

1) 24 - “Day 7: 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM” +1
2) The Office
- “Heavy Competition” +4
3) Fringe - “Unleashed” -2
4) Breaking Bad - “Peekabo” No Change
5) My Name Is Earl - “Bullies" Not Aired
6) 30 Rock - “Jackie Jormp-Jomp” -1
7) Lost - “Some Like it Hoth” +1
8) Parks and Recreation - “Reporter” +1
9) Better Off Ted - “Win Some, Dose Some” -5
10) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the First Kill” No Change
12) House - “Saviors” +2
12) Heroes - “1961” -2
13) South Park
- “Pinewood Derby” -1
14) Scrubs - “My Soul on Fire, Part 2” No Change

R.I.P. JG Ballard

JG Ballard died this morning.

In other news, I was in Baltimore this past weekend for the annual MICA fashion show. Went with the Murray brothers. Met up with some friends. Went to Mick O’Shea’s. Also picked up some Resurrection and Green Peppercorn Tripel from the Brewer’s Art. Great place, great beers. I’m very tired now and wish to rest. New show goes on FOX tonight called Sit Down, Shut Up made by the creator of Arrested Development. May as well watch it, what else is there to watch?

Favorite TV shows of the week: April 5th to April 11th

1) Fringe - “Inner Child” Not Aired
2) 24 - “Day 7: 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM” -1
3) Better Off Ted - “Racial Sensitivity” +5
4) Breaking Bad - “Breakage” -2
5) 30 Rock - “Cutbacks” Not Aired
6) The Office - “The Michael Scott Paper Company” Not Aired
7) The Office - “Dream Team” Not Aired
8) Lost - “Dead is Dead” -1
9) Dollhouse - “A Spy in the House of Love" -5
10) Parks and Recreation - “Make My Pit a Park” New
11) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Dream Job” +3
12) Heroes - “Turn and Face the Strange” -1
13) Rescue Me - “Baptism” New
14) South Park - “Fishsticks" -5
15) House - “Simple Explanation” -8
16) Scrubs - “My Soul on Fire, Part 1” -1
17) The Simpsons - “Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe” No Change


LoveNetflix is a dating site that takes your rental and rating history and matches it up with other people who rated those movies similarly. Worth a shot.

That Woman Makes Crazy Art

Over the weekend I went to Easton, PA. I’ve never been to Easton before, neat town, just takes a while to get there. I’d like to check it out again when it gets warmer. I went there because my friend Rachel from MICA had an art exhibit opening. She makes some really wild art. Please visit her website: http://thatwomanmakescrazyart.com/.

Favorite TV shows of the week: March 29th to April 4th

A little late this week....

1) 24
- “Day 7: 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM” No Change
2) Breaking Bad - “Down” No Change
3) House - “Locked In” Not Aired
4) Dollhouse
- “Needs" No Change
5) Family Guy - “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven” +1
6) South Park - “Eat, Pray, Queef" -1
7) Lost - “Whatever Happened, Happened” No Change
8) Better Off Ted - “Through Rose Colored HAZMAT Suits” No Change
9) Heroes - “Into Asylum” No Change
10) Scrubs - “My Full Moon” No Change
11) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Broken Heart” No Change
12) American Dad - “Wife Insurance" No Change
13) The Simpsons - “Wedding for Disaster” No Change

SNL Digital Short: Like a Boss


Be my #1 fan!

If you have a Facebook account then go here and be my #1 fan!


Favorite TV shows of the week: March 22nd to March 28th

1) 24 - “Day 7: 10:00PM to 11:00PM” +2
2) Breaking Bad - “Bit by a Dead Bee” No Change
3) Flight of the Conchords - “Evicted” +2
4) 30 Rock - “Apollo, Apollo” +2
5) The Office - “Two Weeks” +2
6) Dollhouse
- “Echoes" -2
7) South Park - “Margaritaville" +7
8) Family Guy - “FOX-y Lady” +5
9) Lost - “He’s Our You” -1
10) My Name Is Earl - “Pinky” -1
11) Better Off Ted
- “Heroes” No Change
12) Heroes - “Cold Snap” Not Aired
13) Scrubs - “Their Story II” -1
14) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Predator” Not Aired
15) American Dad - “Bar Mitzvah Shuffle" No Change
16) King of the Hill - “Nancy Does Dallas" No Change
17) The Simpsons - “In the Name of the Grandfather” No Change

Brother Theodore - Food Sermon

This is one of the most amazing performances that I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen his monologues before but this is incredible. I really wish that they let him finish. Incredible!


Depeche Mode "Come Back"

New Depeche Mode song from their forthcoming album “Sounds of the Universe”


Favorite TV shows of the week: March 15th to March 21st

1) Battlestar Galactica - “Daybreak, Part 2” +4
2) Breaking Bad - “Grilled” +4
3) 24 - “Day 7: 9:00PM to 10:00PM” -2
4) Dollhouse - “Man on the Street" +3
5) Flight of the Conchords - “Wingmen” -1
6) 30 Rock - “The Bubble” -3
7) The Office - “New Boss” -5
8) Lost - “Namaste” Not Aired
9) My Name Is Earl - “Witch Lady” Not Aired
10) Kings- “Goliath” New
11) Better Off Ted
- “Pilot” New
12) Scrubs - “My Nah Nah Nah” Not Aired
13) Family Guy - “The Juice Is Loose” -5
14) South Park - “The Coon" -5
15) House - “Here Kitty” -2
16) American Dad - “Jack’s Back" No Change
17) King of the Hill - “Uncool Customer" No Change
18) The Simpsons - “Gone Maggie Gone” No Change

March 16th

I signed up for Twitter last night and already I’m addicted. You can follow me @beckinabox. I’ve installed Twitter apps on my computer and on my phone. I also added a little widget in the side bar to the right.

Last week a couple of customers of mine went out to Las Vegas for the NASCAR race. They brought me back a new Ryan Newman decal for my car. As you know he switched from the #12 team to the #39 team. I took out the old #12 and put on the new #39. Thank you Holly!!!!

Also, I just replaced it with a shiny brand new 120GB iPod classic. It’s absolutely incredible and so much smaller than the old one. Not am I able to put almost my whole collection of iTunes on it but it also plays podcasts and video! It’s so sweet. This is my third iPod. The last one was a 60GB iPod Photo. It still works, i’ve just been having problems with it lately. It freezes often. My first iPod was a 10GB first generation. I had that one back when iPod’s were only available for Mac. Now they’re everywhere. This new one is my favorite one so far. It’s so sweet.

Favorite TV shows of the week: March 8th to March 14th

1) 24 - “Day 7: 8:00PM to 9:00PM” No Change
2) The Office - “Golden Ticket” +2
3) 30 Rock - “The Funcooker” +2
4) Flight of the Conchords - “New Zealand Town” -1
5) Battlestar Galactica - “Daybreak, Part 1” +1
6) Breaking Bad - “Seven Thirty-Seven” New
7) Dollhouse - “True Believer" No Change
8) Family Guy - “Family Gay” Not Aired
9) South Park - “The Ring" New
10) Heroes - “Shades of Gray” -1
11) Kath and Kim - “Home” -1
12) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon” No Change
13) House - “The Social Contract” Not Aired
14) American Dad - “Roy Rogers McFreely" No Change
15) King of the Hill - “Bwah, My Nose" No Change
16) The Simpsons - “No Loan Again, Naturally” No Change

SNL Digital Short: Party Guys


Favorite TV shows of the week: March 1st to March 7th

1) 24 - “Day 7: 7:00PM to 8:00PM” No Change
2) 24 - “Day 7: 6:00PM to 7:00PM” No Change
3) Flight of the Conchords - “Prime Minister” +1
4) The Office - “Blood Drive” Not Aired
5) 30 Rock - “Goodbye, My Friend” -2
6) Battlestar Galactica - “Islanded in a Stream of Stars” No Change
7) Dollhouse - “Grey Hour" +3
8) Lost - “LaFleur” -1
9) Heroes - “Exposed” -1
10) Kath and Kim - “Bachelorette” No Change
11) My Name Is Earl - “Chaz Dalton’s Space Academy" Not Aired
12) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Beefcake” -1
13) American Dad - “Live and Let Fry" Not Aired
14) King of the Hill - “Master of Puppets" Not Aired
15) The Simpsons - “Ho the Test Was Won” Not Aired

2 things...

2 weeks ago I got Rock Band for my PS2. I love it. At first I could barely pass songs using the bass on easy now I can pass songs on guitar on hard. I just wish that there were downloadable songs like their are for the PS3/360. Maybe someday in the future I’ll upgrade my system. Regardless I’m getting pretty good. My dad is even improving. Sometimes Jen and Chris and Joey and Ayla will rock out with me. It’s good fun.

Yesterday I bottled my wheat beer that I made. I bottled 32 25 ounce bottles. That’s a lot of beer. I calculated the alcohol content to be around 6.1%, that seems pretty high. The beer should be ready for consumption in a couple weeks so I’ll report back on how it is.

Daft Punk to score TR2N soundtrack

I’m very excited about this, Daft Punk are set to record the TR2N soundtrack. Billboard posted the newslink today. I saw the bootleg trailer for TR2N last year and it looked incredible so this just adds even more excitement to it.

Favorite TV shows of the week: February 22nd to February 28th

1) 24 - “Day 7: 5:00PM to 6:00PM” No Change
2) 30 Rock - “Larry King” Not Aired
3) Flight of the Conchords
- “Love Is a Weapon of Choice” -1
4) House - “The Softer Side” +7
5) Battlestar Galactica - “Someone to Watch Over Me” +1
6) Lost - “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” +3
7) Heroes - “Cold Wars” -4
8) Kath and Kim - “Desire” No Change
9) Dollhouse - “Stage Fright" -5
10) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Best Friend” No Change

Depeche Mode "Wrong"

Here’s the video for the new Depeche Mode single “Wrong”. This video is pretty creepy.


American Idol

I haven’t watched American Idol since it went live but I’m shocked that guy Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle, whatever his name is, is still on American Idol. Incredible. I have no idea how he made it this far. He’s awful but he’s just so entertaining and funny and I’m totally going to vote for him and I hope he makes it to the finals. I wasn’t planning on voting at all this season but I will certainly be voting for him as soon as the lines open.

Die Die Die

At work today a three year old kid circled his table and repeatedly shouted “DIE! DIE! DIE!”, regardless, it was NOT the most interesting thing that happened today.

Favorite TV shows of the week: February 15th to February 21st

1) 24 - “Day 7: 4:00PM to 5:00PM” No Change
2) Flight of the Conchords
- “Unnatural Love” +2
3) Heroes - “Building 26” +2
4) Dollhouse - “The Target" +6
5) Family Guy - “Ocean’s Three and a Half" New
6) Battlestar Galactica - “Deadlock” -4
7) My Name Is Earl - “My Name Is Alias” +2
8) Kath and Kim - “Competition” No Change
9) Lost - “316” +2
10) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Suburbs” Not Aired
11) House - “Unfaithful” Not Aired
12) American Dad - “Family Affair” +3
13) The Simpsons - “Take My Life, Please” Not Aired
14) King of the Hill - “What Happens at the National Propane Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Convention in Memphis” No Change

Favorite TV shows of the week: February 8th to February 14th

1) 24 - “Day 7: 3:00PM to 4:00PM” +4
2) Battlestar Galactica - “No Exit” -1
3) Fringe - “Ability" +3
4) Flight of the Conchords
- “Murray Takes It To The Next Level” -2
5) Heroes - “Trust and Blood” -1
6) 30 Rock - “St. Valentine’s Day" +2
7) The Office - “Lecture Circuit, Part 2" No Change
8) Kath and Kim - “Celebrity” +2
9) My Name Is Earl - “Friends With Benefits” +3
10) Dollhouse - “Ghost” New
11) Lost - “This Place Is Death” No Change
12) Scrubs - “My Comedy Show” +1
13) Scrubs - “My Abscence” +2
14) King of the Hill - “Lucky See, Monkey Do” New
15) American Dad - “Stan Time” Not Aired

SNL Digital Short: Property of the Queen


John Hodgman

John Hodgman played a doctor in tonight’s episode of Battlestar Galactica. As soon as I heard his voice I knew it was him, it was a very nice surprise. He’s awesome!


Everyone, be sure to watch Dollhouse tonight on FOX at 9:00 EST!

NASCAR calendars

My NASCAR iCal calendars that I maintain, the ones listed in the File Sharing section, are now available on Apple.com. Yay! If you go to http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/calendars/ you can see and subscribe to my calendars from there! Pretty cool!

Inglourious Basterds

The trailer for the new Quentin Tarantino film starring Brad Pitt is now online. It looks pretty awesome. There’s not many films with Nazis in them that aren’t any good, throw in Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt we’ve got something special. I can hardly wait. Here’s the link to the trailer: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1808404206/video/11988602/standardformat/

Tony Stewart Old Spice Swagger commercial

This commercial is so weird and so funny. I just love the sounds that young Tony Stewart is making. So funny.


Ryan Newman captures first modified win at New Smyrna

In only his second start in a touring series modified car, Ryan Newman drove to a thrilling victory at New Smyrna Speedway on Monday night.

Newman, who started seventh, piloted the No. 7 NY Aggressive Hydraulics modified through the field to claim his first win in a modified and a hard fought victory for car owner Kevin 'Bono' Manion.

"That was a lot of fun," Newman said. "I have to thank Ted (Christopher) because he raced me clean there at the end. It was a pretty exciting race from where I was sitting.

"To win this race is a big deal. I'm not a guy from the Northeast but I know how important of a win this is for these guys."

Newman quickly drove through the field and into second place where he engaged in a head-to-head battle with legendary modified driver Ted Christopher. The two drivers swapped the top spot numerous times over the final 14 laps of the 25-lap race.

Newman had to endure multiple caution flags and several restarts before taking the lead from Christopher on lap 21 for good to clench his first victory in the modified ranks.

"Tonight was my dad's birthday, so I think this is a nice present for him," Newman said. "I'm looking forward to racing and having some more fun here again tomorrow night."
Newman will race at New Smyrna again on Tuesday. Action begins at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Delaware Water Gap with Mike Murray

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Trenton. The temperature reached 64! Mike Murray and I decided it would be a good day for a little road trip. As the previous week’s snow was melting a way we hit the road and drove up North to the Delaware Water Gap. The crumbling slums of Trenton were now behind us the glorious mountains were on the horizon. Along the hour and a half journey we discussed how awesome the state of New Jersey is. Moments ago we left the capital city and here we are in the rolling hills of Flemington, Clinton and Oxford. New Jersey has such a wide variety of resources in which all are relatively close to each other. We have big cities and small farming communities. Big sporting arenas and casinos to mountains and wildlife preserves. If for some reason New Jersey isn’t good enough, NYC and Philly are just a stone’s throw away, not to mention Baltimore/DC and Boston. We love this state!

Before we arrived at the Delaware Water Gap we stopped of at Hot Dog Johnny’s. A place I last frequented with Mike’s brother Jimmy nearly 4 years ago. It was delicious! The queue was out the door and flooded into the parking lot. After that we went further down the road into the Delaware Water Gap. We were very unprepared for this trip. Even though it was 64 and the snow was melting in Trenton, in the DQG there was still a foot of snow on the ground and it was damn cold. We braved the freezing temperatures and journey to the summit toward Crater Lake and were able to catch a few decent pictures, some of them are displayed on the right, others are up on Facebook. Regardless we had a great time, even saw some of our customers up by the river. Next time we visit will be this summer and we will hike up Kittatinny Point. This time we will be prepared.


Favorite TV shows of the week: February 1st to February 7th

1) Battlestar Galactica - “Blood on the Scales” No Change
2) Flight of the Conchords - “The Tough Brets” +2
3) The Office - “Stress Relief” Not Aired
4) Heroes - “A Clear and Present Danger” New
5) 24 - “Day 7: 2:00PM to 3:00PM” No Change
6) Fringe - “The Transformation" -3
7) The Office
- “Lecture Circuit" Not Aired
8) 30 Rock - “Generallissimo" Not Aired
9) House - “The Greater Good” -3
10) Kath and Kim - “Idols” Not Aired
11) Lost - “The Little Prince” -9
12) My Name Is Earl - “Randy’s List Item” Not Aired
13) Scrubs - “My Lawyer’s In Love” -6
14) Chuck - “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension” Not Aired
15) Scrubs - “My New Role” -7

SNL Digital Short: I'm On A Boat


Top 25 Random Facts

There’s this thing going around on Facebook where people post their top 25 random things about themselves. I personally didn’t post one but my sister posted one and I found it absolutely hilarious and decided to post it here on my blog. I hope you all find it as funny as I do:

1. I have had 4 surgeries in the past 4 years.

2. Would love to open up my own school for students with disabilities.

3. Would love to pick up everything and move to Taromino, Sicily.

4. I do about 97% of all yard work.

5. I do about 95% of all house work.

6. I would like to have another boxer puppy.

7. I am the most happy when I'm with my son.

8. I would love to mingle with gorillas. Just call me Dian Fossey.

9. I would love to open up a restaurant or a bagel place.

10. I don't know how to make bagels.

11. I can never write anything without Chris proofreading it first.

12. Chris proofread this.

13. I'm obsessed with organization and have been wanting to go to the container store FOREVER!

14. Hopefully for Valentines Day, Chris will bring me to the container store.

15. I'm supposively passive-aggressive. I don't know about that, what do you think?

16. I'm self-conscious about several things. So much so that I can't share them with you.

17. I hate the gladiator game. Chris, Dan....dorks!

18. During early high school years I attended a modeling school.

19. I have huge feet, size 11. HUGE!

20. I like to steal swords and gold.

21. I can watch a movie, people die, I don't cry. If an animal dies, I will cry for an hour.

22. I used to go to Karate class and loved it, but it killed my back.

23. I hit a tracter trailer on the turnpike after spinning 4x in a snow storm. Car = Totaled.

24. I am a certified therapy dog carrier and have taken Sebastian to a lock-down school, retirement home, hospital, and a school for children with cerebral palsy.

25. In my adulthood, I have only pooped twice in a public place.

Ryan Newman fan club package

My Ryan Newman fan club package arrived today. Over the years I’ve gotten many little goodies from the fan club, autographed pictures, magnets, license plate frames and other little goodies, besides the yearly fan club t-shirt and membership card. This year they really outdid themselves.

The fan club package arrived today, a lot of odd things were included this year. Everything was packed neatly in a Ryan Newman fan club cooler. I got the usual fan club t-shirt, this years was a nice black one, the others were ugly white ones. I also got the usual fan club membership card and cool little fan club magnet. Ok, pretty cool so far. Also inside were 2 more t-shirts, a sweet U.S. Army shirt AND a very cool Meaty Bone t-shirt. Isn’t that odd? Both shirts are really awesome, much cooler than the actual fan club shirt.

Also included in the cooler is a blank CDR (a yellow one), a fishing lure with Ryan Newman’s autograph on it, a bag of rubber bait worms, a small stick of Old Spice (his teammate Tony Stewart’s sponsor) and a small package that looks like matches from Duraflame but it’s actually green tea stress relief lotion.

Isn’t that awesome? That was a really nice surprise to come home too. Thank you Ryan Newman for being awesome! Oh, and Ryan Newman, i’m from your wife’s home town, if you ever come and visit let me take you out for dinner! Sweet!

NASCAR calendars updated

NASCAR finally updated the official schedule on their site. I’ve updated my subscription calendars to match that schedule. You can subscribe to all 3 top NASCAR calendars in the File Sharing section.

Favorite TV shows of the week: January 25th to January 31st

1) Battlestar Galactica - “The Oath” +5
2) Lost - “Jughead” +8
3) Fringe - “The No-Brainer" -2
4) Flight of the Conchords
- “New Cup” -2
5) 24 - “Day 7: 1:00PM to 2:00PM” -1
6) House - “Big Baby” +3
7) Scrubs - “My ABC’s” Not Aired
8) Scrubs - “My Cookie Pants” Not Aired
9) American Dad - “Chimdale” New
10) The Simpsons - “Lisa the Drama Queen” New

SNL Digital Short: Lazer Cats 4


Favorite TV shows of the week: January 18th to January 24th

1) Fringe - “Bound” New
2) Flight of the Conchords - “A Good Opportunity” New
3) 30 Rock - “Retreat to Move Forward" +2
4) 24
- “Day 7: 12:00PM to 1:00PM” -2
5) The Office - “Prince Family Paper” -2
6) Battlestar Galactica - “A Disquiet Follows My Soul” No Change
7) My Name Is Earl - “Darnell Outed, Part 2” -3
8) Kath and Kim - “News” New
9) House - “Painless” New
10) Lost - “Because You Left/The Lie” New

SNL Digital Short: A Couple of Homies


SNL Digital Short: Doogie Howser Theme


Favorite TV shows of the week: January 11th to January 17th

For all the newbies, every week I put a list up of my favorite TV shows that I watch in order from my favorite to my least favorite. I leave out daily/variety shows. New shows have been airing for the past couple weeks but I only put up the list when I watch more than 5 new shows. Here’s this past week’s favorite TV shows.

1) 24
- “Day 7: 10:00AM to 12:00PM” New
2) 24
- “Day 7: 8:00AM to 10:00AM” New
3) The Office - “Duel” New
4) My Name Is Earl - “Darnell Outed” New
5) 30 Rock - “Flu Shot" New
6) Battlestar Galactica - “Sometimes a Great Notion” New
7) Scrubs - “My Saving Grace” New
8) Scrubs - “My Happy Place” New

Good Luck Steelers!

Ravens lost a tough game. Steelers were spectacular. Joe Flacco made some dumb moves, 3 interceptions. He threw some great balls but he also showed why rookie quarterbacks never win playoff games. I knew the Steelers were going to win before the game even started but when the Ravens started coming back and it was 16 - 14 in the 4th quarter I really felt the Ravens were going to win. They started off with great field position and then this stupid penalty came against the Ravens for unnecessary roughness. The penalty ended up putting the Ravens down at the 14 yard line, which was at the time of the kick around 40 something. Flacco made a couple of big passes but eventually got intercepted and was returned for a touchdown. It was that penalty that turned the game around. On the other hand, I feel pretty confident in saying that the Steelers are going to win the super bowl. So the Ravens may have lost but they lost to the next world champions.

I have a feeling Flacco learned a lot this season as a rookie. No rookie has ever made it this far into the post season and I have a feeling that next year he’ll be a lot better. Now that the Ravens are over I have NASCAR to get excited about now. A few more weeks and the green flag will be waving. Also, luckily for me, new episodes of my favorite TV shows have been airing. I’ll start posting my top shows list soon.

The Sounds of the Universe


APRIL 21, 2009

January 15, 2009- Groundbreaking, chart-topping electro legends Depeche Mode are proud to announce the release of their long-anticipated new studio album, Sounds Of The Universe on April 21, 2009 (Mute Records).

Eclectic and energized, the band's new release is their most dazzling and diverse album in decades. Recorded in Santa Barbara and New York, Depeche Mode returned to using a lot of vintage gear, from analogue synthesizers to drum machines, in order to conjure up the retro-futuristic arrangements featured on the album. Lyrically the release contains many of the group's enduring obsessions plus more overt black humor than any of their previous collections.

Like with their 2005 studio album, Playing The Angel, Sounds Of The Universe features writing credits for both Martin Gore, the group's primary songwriter, and Dave Gahan who after honing his talents on two solo albums, has earned his place as Depeche Mode's second writer. The release also marks a reunion between the band and producer Ben Hillier (Blur, Doves, Elbow), who worked with the band to help give their new album its timeless sound. The first single from the release, "Wrong," grabs the listener's attention from its first stack-heeled, staccato shriek. Over stomping beats, screeching synthesizers, and Dave's overlord chant, "Wrong" already feels like a Depeche Mode classic. Other standout tracks include Martin's velvet-lined Scott Walker croon on the sensual lounge-music ballad "Jezebel," to the sci-fi gospel-blues hymn "In Chains" and "Hole To Feed," which marries modern electronics to a floor-shaking, bone-rattling Bo Diddley beat.

As one of the most influential bands of the post-punk era, with global sales in excess of 100 million, Depeche Mode belongs to a select premiere league of super groups who have survived from the early 1980s with their ideals, creative vision and core members intact. Formed in 1981, Depeche Mode - Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy 'Fletch' Fletcher - continue to win critical and commercial acclaim across the world both in the studio and on the road. All of the band's 11 studio albums have reached the Top Ten in not only the UK and USA but 20 plus countries around the world including Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Belgium. Additionally, since their inception Depeche Mode's live shows continue to be a must-see attraction, with the group playing to 2.8 million people across 31 countries on their last tour alone.

Depeche Mode will be announcing additional album details and tour news in the coming weeks. For more information please go to www.depechemode.com.


Ravens just beat the #1 seed Titans. It was a helluva game. A real nail biter.

Absolutely incredible!!!

Beautiful photography

I think these photographs are just beautiful.


I find something about that composition with the blue and red on the black background incredibly gorgeous. Such a great idea and well executed. Stunning imagery.

Absinthe Lollipops


Whoa. I kinda lost interest in absinthe years ago but I would certainly love to try one or two of these.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

I’ve been sick since Saturday. I don’t feel sick until I start eating. It’s no fun. My friend Jen spent the night with me last night. I felt bad cause I wasn’t much fun. Tonight is usually my meeting with the guys at Jo Jo’s Tavern but after I had dinner earlier I just haven’t been feeling well. I’m mostly bummed out about the whole thing. Especially considering that today is Jimmy’s birthday. Sorry I couldn’t be there my good brother. Happy birthday Jimmy!

Joe Flacco is my hero!

Joe Flacco became the first rookie quarterback to win a playoff game on the road and only the third rookie quarterback to win a playoff game of all time! The Ravens play the Titans in Tennessee on Saturday. The Ravens have been on fire lately and the Titans are flickering out, regardless, it should be a close game and can go either way. GO RAVENS!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone. Last night I went to a party at the DeNito’s. Every party I go to at their place is a lot of fun. They continue to outdue themselves with their incredible hospitality. They’re terrific hosts and I can hardly wait till the next get together. Great job!