Cablevision and my new HD TV

Oh Lord! On Friday I went to Cablevision and picked up a HD DVR box. I hooked it up to my old 27” CRT. Just having a HD box improved the picture. Today I got a brand new Samsung 32” HD TV. It’s incredible! I’m currently watching the Yankees game on YES HD. I’m blown away by how great the picture looks. I also have it connected to my surround sound system.

The Cablevision box is going to take some getting used to. I found that some HD channels aren’t coming in though. It’s just a black screen. Anybody know anything about that? Speed HD is one of them. Some of the channels just say “Initializing Channel” just for a message to come up saying it’s “currently unavailable”. Will these just work one day? Also, is there a way that I can block channels that I don’t subscribe to? Block them from channel up and down and block them in the guide itself. It’s annoying scrolling through the guide and seeing all of these channels that I don’t subscribe to. Channeling up and down and getting stuck on one is annoying too cause it has to load a screen that says I don’t get it.
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