The Universe: 365 Days
Robert J. Nemiroff, Jerry T. Bonnell  
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Publisher:Harry N. Abrams
Genre:Arts & Photography
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Date Added:2013-12-30
Summary: Photographs of outer space--produced by earthbound and space telescopes and planet-roving satellites--have captivated a vast audience. And nowhere has this audience found more enthralling views than on Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), a website so popular that it draws well over one million hits every week. The Universe: 365 Days presents in unprecedented clarity 365 spectacular images culled from the thousands that have been featured on the site, which has been hailed as one of the best science sites by both "Scientific American" and "Popular Science" magazines.
Following the enormously successful format of Abrams' "Earth From Above: 365 Days", "The Universe: 365 Days" has been crafted by the two astrophysicists who in 1995, in collaboration with NASA, created and continue to maintain the APOD website. Accompanying each stunning image is a short explanatory text that greatly expands the reader's appreciation of the wonders of the cosmos.