Charlie White: Photographs
Charlie White  
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Publisher:Goliath Books
Genre:Arts & Photography
Dimensions:11.40 x 8.30 x 0.60 in
Date Added:2013-12-30
Summary: Full color images and complete details of Charlie White's three recent photographic projects. This is a thorough treatment of an artist whose images have explored the limits of pornography, the modern psychological landscape and the emotionally fraught relationship between self-perception and appearance. In an extended conversation with Lisa Anne Auerbach, White discusses the role of collaboration in his work and his relationship to American identity and L.A.'s image culture. Includes an Introduction by Ronald Jones and essays by Annabel Chong, William Deverell and Fred Alan Wolf. EXCERPT: "Charlie's photographs express a moralizing flavor, and become allegories of human will, atrocities balanced by kindness, that infuse the particulars of our culture."-Ronald Jones, from the Introduction