Written by John Beck and Joseph Martin

INT: Drawing Room

[a knock at the drawing room door. Sir John walks in.]

Sir John: Poop stains make me rain on fluorescent daffodils!

Sir Elsel: Go fart in your mouth you Drano chugging skin maid!

Sir John: After the torch is lit you can suck on my pig testicles.

Sir Elsel: Then run away and throw pennies to the fascists?

Sir John: Only if the pennies spark into the light of the sun chips eyes.

Sir Elsel: And so they shall, but not as brightly as they light up my asshole on new years eve. [laughter] What brings you hear tonight sir john?

Sir John: I’ll tell you what brings me here tonight. I have a quart of scotch rotting away at the inner lining of my intestines, my farts smell like diarrhea and I can’t figure out if the sun is gonna stay or if it’s gonna stay gray.

Sir Elsel: Yes, I noticed this. care for a drink?

Sir John: Yes, I think I would.

[Sir Elsel fetches Sir John a drink]

Sir Elsel: I say old chap, fancy going out for a well-prepared meal?

Sir John: This is a strong possibility.

Sir Elsel: Is our young friend Lady Stephanie shackled to her work duties this evening?

Sir John: Yes, she has been selected to labor for additional hours today. From 2 in the pm to 11:15 in the pm.

Sir Elsel: That most greatly sucks the cock of the spider swallow

Sir John: [chuckles] You used the term swallow, my friend

Sir Elsel: I select many such terms to shit out of my mouth, my well spoken friend

Sir John: Yes, that you do.

Sir Elsel: Alas, I can think of no others who may be famished and require a well-prepared meal this evening.

Sir John: Perhaps i can send an inquiry to Sir Bryan

Sir Elsel: Jolly good selection my friend, for I haven’t stroked Sir Bryan’s words in a great while

Sir John: What kind of cuisine should we partake in tonight?

Sir Elsel: I’m game for anything my friend.

Sir John: How does seafood sound?

Sir Elsel: I prefer landfood, but seafood can adequately fill my stomach.

Sir John: Good, I don’t care much for seafood anyhow.

Sir Elsel: I see. Why don’t you call sir bryan and ask him to join us?

[Sir John phones Sir Bryan]

Sir John: Sir Bryan! How are thee. Listen old boy, Sir Elsel and I were wondering if you’d like to join us for a well-prepared meal tonight. Preferably landfood.

Sir John: I see...

Sir John to Sir Elsel: He’s going to Sir Luckies in Worchester.

Sir Elsel: Oh, so he’s having cock for diner then.

[Sir John chuckles]

Sir Elsel: Let me speak to him.

[Sir John hands the phone to Sir Elsel]

Sir Elsel: Hello Sir Bryan... Sir Elsel speaking. Sir John tells me your having cock for dinner tonight?

Sir Elsel: Yes, I know you love cock. We all love something don’t we?

Sir Elsel: Yes, it is a shame, and we shall try to enjoy ourselves without your company. However, we must
set aside a time in the near future so we can engage in a little cock fighting of our own... for it has been
such a long time since I have sucked the juice from your stem.

Sir Elsel: Farewell Sir Bryan, enjoy your evening.

[Sir Elsel hangs the phone up]

Sir John: Well, shall we?

Sir Elsel: I suppose we shall... after you.

[Sir Elsel and Sir John put their drinks down and grab their coats and walk out the door]