Broken Skates

Produced by John Beck
Written by John Beck and Joseph Martin
Music by Joseph Martin

This short film was to be the first of three shorts that were made for the summer Late Night Series . The second two were never made. This was an audience participation piece. I asked the audience for 4 things that were to be in this film, a character/occupation, a prop, a line of dialog and a film genre. Here is what they gave me:

Character: Phil the roller skate repair technician.
Prop: A duck on a string
Line of dialog: "Fuck you, i'm going to Guam"
Film genre: film noir

The entire film was written and filmed with an original score in 4 nights and was shown at the Late Night Series in front of an audience.

Cast in order of appearance:
Benee Williams - Victim #1
Peter Ogden - Phil
Damian Gaeta - Detective Dan Weston
John Beck - Drunk Man
Jennifer Lucania - Drunk Woman
Sebastian Aragorn Lucania -Dog
Michelle Wood - Doris

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