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by D.J. Bailey

He's the one man Renaissance Karate Choppin' dog-star, Buddha shaved head, and mind like a lone sharp! pencil! A shark bite, skills brighter than a full moon night. Skin tone Va-nill-a shutter buggin cross-hairs killing like Godzilla! So proud to call him friend. Somedays I wish I were he, will power beads of knowledge come to shower him like Fu Khan Lee (old, old philosopher; the "public" burned all his beliefs and philosophy writings). He's a stand up guy, a straight-shootin Jazzy Guy Lombardo. Lady's love Kool J.B., Stingin' hide's like a bee. Better lover than your mother and Don Juan DeMarco (this is why i'm not a rapper).

I would write more but I have to pee like a blind fat chick walking a tight-rope. Or I got to pee like a quadrapalegic in a downhill wheelchair race with no brakes (I've never seen a race horse pee. A donkey once)

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