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"I appreciate that you often share non-concensus ideas!" - Brockett Horne, professor, Graphic Design I

"... Regardless, you are the first person I have ever seen citing (Martin Luther) King and (Al) Capone in the same paragraph" - Nina Brown, professor, Activism & Social Theory

"Personally, I have questions about your interpretation. I think you take it too far. Yet, I applaud your thinking." - Suzanne Garrigues, professor, Art History

"John is a sexy bitch" - Bryan Hopkins, hero

"John is my hero!" - Joseph Martin, artist

"I didn't realize they came in such small sizes until I met John Beck" - Jon Whitney, interactive curator

"John is one of the strangest women that I have ever met, but he has lovely breasts" - Tiffany Lee, real estate agent

"John Beck, the OTHER white meat" - Jenny VanWagner, drifter

"Too - John Beck" (a poem) - D.J. Bailey, poet

"If I had ovaries i'd give them to a dwarf. Cause dwarves are born without ovaries." - John Beck, the man

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