Treme: Mardi Gras Indians

I started watching the HBO show Treme not too long ago. It's about post-Katrina New Orleans and it's culture and inhabitants. What I'm most amazed about is the whole Mardi Gras Indian culture. The tribes take the entire year to make these elaborate costumes and then on Mardi Gras they "battle" other Indian tribes. I find this scene from Treme absolutely beautiful and I had to watch it 4 or 5 times before I finally got it. It's hard to understand what they say with their pseudo-African language but you get it. It's all quite beautiful and the fact that the battles are non-violent and really based on creativity and art makes it that much more wonderful.

There is footage of real Mardi Gras Indian battles on YouTube and it's not much different than the depiction in Treme.

Spartan Race World Championship on NBC!

In September a few members of my team and I competed in the Spartan Race World Championship at Mount Killington, Vermont. NBC was there filming a special documentary that airs tomorrow, December 7th 4pm on NBC Sports. I hope you all tune in to watch!


Thousands of top-ranked Reebok Spartan Race athletes, Olympians, and amateur athletes alike from around the world converged on Killington Mountain, VT in September 2013 to compete for $250,000 in cash and prizes. NBC Sports filmed the athletes as they competed side-by-side. Catch the action on December 7, 2013 at 4 – 5 pm EST on NBC Sports.

Favorite tracks of 2013

There is still plenty of time in this year for me to change my mind but here are my favorite music tracks of 2013, starting with my most favorite:


10x10 Benefit Art Exhibit & Sale


Artworks Announces the Third Annual

10×10 Red Dot Benefit
Art Exhibit & Sale
December 7 – 28, 2013

Reception and Benefit, Saturday, December 7, 2013  5 – 8pm

Red Dot + Artwork = Support. The Red Dot shows support of Community Arts in Trenton. Come to the Artworks Red Dot Fundraiser and put your red dot on the art that you love.
Over 100 Trenton area artists created artworks on 10″ x 10″ canvas. The work is dynamic, diverse and all created especially for Artworks. Professional, teacher and student artists created works in oil, acrylic, mixed media, photography, pastel, watercolor and more.
Each artwork sells for $100 with the funds raised going to support Artworks.
It is a chance for the novice to test the waters of the world of original art and an opportunity for the collector to build their art collection.

Art All Day 2013


Art All Day 
November 9, 2013  Noon – 5pm
Art lovers from around the region are invited to take a self-guided tour of the capital city’s artist studios, gallery spaces, grass roots art collectives, workshops, public art, and a host of breathtaking creative spaces largely unknown to the public. Special Art All Day trolley and guided bicycle tours will also take place.
Over 65 artists will participate, at open studios and creative venues throughout the city. This is an opportunity to not only see art, but to also talk to the artist about his or her creative process, watch them work, and see their workspace. Artworks is proud to offer an event that showcases the remarkable creative diversity of Trenton.”
How does it all work? Art All Day is FREE to attend and open to the public. The self-guided tour begins at
Artworks Trenton (19 Everett Alley, Trenton, NJ), where guests can pick up a map/brochure and view a group exhibit featuring participating artists on the tour. Following the self-guided tour attendees are invited back to Artworks’ expansive gallery space for a celebratory reception.
Interested in participating as an artist, group studio or community partner ? 
Click Here
Art All Day schedule on Nov. 9
Noon  to 8 p.m. – Exhibits (FREE)
Artworks Main Gallery: Participating Artists Show,
Community Gallery : To be announced
ARTLab: “Just For Kicks: Sneaker Art Exhibit”
Noon to 5 p.m. – Trenton self-guided open studios/public art tour (free)
All Day – Trenton Art Trolley Rides ($10 suggested donation)
12 noon and 3 p.m. – Special edition OnaRoll BikeCarts bicycle tour (free)
5 p.m. to 8 p.m. – Artworks Exhibits Reception (free)
Free parking is available all day and evening at Artworks, 19 Everett Alley, Trenton (off South Stockton Street, across from NJ Motor Vehicle Commission building)
Public Art is accessible in Trenton all year round!
2012 Map (2013 will be available on November 9)
Download the Art All Day Public Art Map! or pick one up Free at Artworks.
Keep up with the latest news!
LIKE Art All Day on Facebook.

Monster's Ball 2013


Monsters Ball – October 26, 2013
8pm – ’til the wolves howl
pixelBuy Your Tickets Now!
“Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore.
Quoth the Raven “Party On!”"

Art of Darkness Art Exhibit: 
Everything from the spooky to the spoofy, scary to hairy, funny to ghastly, humorous to ‘dead’ serious (you get the idea).

Live Music & Entertainment
Charles Laurita & the Mischief and Ghost Box Orchestra

Costume Contest with cash prizes:
(Come As You Aren’t!)

Creepy Creation Station:
foul frippery, repulsive and unfortunate baubles. Handmade stuff, using real hands in some cases. Monsters, join us as we have fun for the feebleminded…..and take home an extra body part or two…

Silent Horror Flicks
Portrait Photographs
Beer, Wine and Hors D’Oeuvres
Monsters Ball – Ticketing
Tier 1 (Premium):  Includes food, free drinks*, activities and special Poe CD**.  Costume optional but encouraged.
$75  Non-member, $65 Artworks Members
Tier 2: Includes food, free drinks*, one activity ticket. Costume optional but encouraged
$45 Non-members, $35  Artworks Members
Tier 3:  $10 – Includes food and one free drink*.  Costume Required.
One entrance per ticket.   * ID required
pixelBuy Your Tickets Now!
** For Tier 1 ticket holders only.  Poe! A two disc CD of Poe’s creepy classic tales read by renown actors, including: “The Masque of the Red Death,” performed by Fionnula Flanagan (Transamerica); “The Pit and the Pendulum,”, performed by Stephen Lang (Avatar); “The Black Cat,” performed by Tony winner Rene Auberjonois (Boston Legal). Plus haunting readings of Poe’s best-loved poems, “The Bells,” “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee.”

A View from the Back, Sometimes from the Front, but Mostly from the Back.

Saturday, September 29th, Citizens Bank Park, the last Spartan Race of the year for my racing team, The Uptown Gentlefriends.  John, Mike, and I decide on a gentlemanly agreement to not assist one another, rather we will compete to the best of our abilities (in the past we have tried to stick together based on difficulty/danger).  Now I have to say this is probably a bit of a joke, especially between John and Mike.  They generally leave me in the dust within 15 minutes, I cry mercy, and wave them off.  They just perform at a higher level than I.  Simple fact.  Even still, I was going to do my best to put on a show.  I trained my ass off this year.  I put the work in.  And now it was time to collect on that investment.

I arrived nice and early with my family to register and get my oldest son Giovanni signed up for his first race ever, a half mile Spartan Kids obstacle course. I am beside myself with pride.  More on that later.  Our heat begins at 11:00 and the kids go off at 12:00, so I am highly motivated to complete the course in an hour.  Just in time to cheer him on.  The last time I did a course like this I clocked in around 1 hour 20 minutes.  I am confident I can get it done.  Why not?

We line up, the announcer gets us pumped up, and we are off!  First up is a series of concourse ramps with bungee mazes and O-U-T walls.  No biggy.  Mike and John are right with me.  Now we move onto the fun stuff.  Stairs, stairs, and more stairs.  John and Mike pass me pretty quickly.  Shit, here we go.  Actually, I felt fine strength-wise, but I’m just not a very coordinated stair climber.  Something I will rectify for next season.

Next up we hit a nice series of obstacles: 25lb ball slam, O-U-T walls, more damn stairs, and the Hercules hoist.  Mike and I had an earlier conversation on our unpredictable success rate with this particular obstacle.  As luck would have it we dive in right next to each other and both complete it flawlessly. We yell “AROO” as we sometimes do. I have no idea where John is, which is not looking good for me already.  Back to the stairs for a bit, and then the monkey bars.  I know for a fact this particular set has some tricky spots to mess everyone up.  I fly across with no drama.  I didn’t know it at the time, but John slipped, had to do his burpees, and I passed him.

We may have done more stairs, then the rowing machines. 500m in 2 minutes.  Killed this previously, and it wasn’t a problem again.  At this point I see John and Mike.  It’s basically a tie!  First water station is ahead, pffft, I ain’t got time for water.  I’m now feeling more comfortable with the course and I’m sprinting every damn chance I get.  I know for a fact I pass both my teammates here, but doubt it will last.  Honestly I’m thinking more about completing in an hour to see my boy race.  More concourses with bungee mazes, a few 6 ft walls, and more sprinting past everyone.  I’m slaying every dragon in my path.  Now we need to do two concourse ramps worth of Hobie-Bands.  I am loving this.  The thousands upon thousands of jump rope reps over the past few months are about to disappoint all those around me.  I get to the top and still no sign of John or Mike. Wow, I think I may have a sizable lead!  More stairs, then a series of 8 ft walls.  Ok, I’m coming back down to earth.  I’ve never completed these on my own; I’ve always had my team or other Spartans boost me over.  I look around and no one seems too friendly, and they are all just standing around.  No one wants to go.  Fuck it, I sprint in, grab the top of the wall, and pull myself up and over.  Holy shit.  I do it again 3 more times, on my own.  Still no sign of the Gentlefriends.  Hello adrenaline, nice to meet you.

The course now leads us out of the stadium and I know exactly the hell that is waiting for me.  Spear toss, my feared nemesis the rope-climb, and the atlas carry.  I’m 33% on the spear toss, which is actually good, but I’m feeling major pressure.  On one hand, if I miss I will have to take the burpee penalty and Mike and John will most likely pass me.  On the other hand, if I nail it, they might miss and I’ll open a huge lead.  I think this is about halfway through the course, so I actually allow myself a few sips from the chalice of glory.  I launch a deadly toss.  Beautiful, level, powerful.  It skips 2 inches off the top. 30 god damn burpees.  I get it done ASAP, and move onto my most feared obstacle, the rope climb.  I have never ever ever even come close to completing this, and it embarrasses the shit out of me.  I’m a grown man… technically.  I raise children, I pay bills and stuff, but I can’t climb a rope?  As I get close, the volunteer yells, “Women – ropes with knots; Men – grab a rope with no knots!”  What???  Fine.  I grab a rope, take a mental second to remember my training, my improvement, and all my hours at physical therapy.  I climb up about 1/4 of the way and think, “Hey that’s not too bad if I fail now, but let’s keep going.” Then I’m 1/2 way up, then 3/4.  Am I finally going to conquer this?  Two more pulls.  I ring the bell at the top as loud as I possibly can, letting my competition know I came to play.  I hear a few cheers.  Oh hello again adrenaline.  Then, out of nowhere, I hear John… “Whoa, Chris!!!”  He’s genuinely surprised and proud.  I am genuinely happy to hear him say that and sad that he caught up.  I start to ease my way down and disaster strikes.  I lose all grip strength and slip.  I grab on the best I can with my left hand, but I end up sliding down about halfway and fall safely into a hay bale.  No time to lose, John has caught up so I sprint to the atlas carry, but something is seriously wrong.  My hands are on god damn fire!  I look at them and there are massive blisters everywhere within seconds.  Oh my god, the pain is immense.  I get to the atlas carry and try to pick up the stone, but I’m having a hard time because my hands are shaking.  They won’t stop shaking.  I finally lift the stone and carry it across the course.  It could have been made of magma.  Now I’m starting to lose it, I seriously almost cry.  John runs over to check on me, but I wave him off to keep our gentlemanly agreement intact.  The burning!  I hear a volunteer telling me he’s calling for medical assistance.  I must have looked terrible.  I say no and belt out my burpees to prove to him I’m OK.  Medical assistance means I’m out of the race.  Hell no.  I somehow pick the stone back up, scream something obscene, and carry it back across the course.  John is gone and I never see him again.  It made sense at the time but I tell myself to sprint and the pain will go away…

Jump rope next.  Felt like I was using Satan’s tail, but whatever.  Sandbag carry through bleachers, no problem.  I would have sprinted if I didn’t get stuck behind a slow group.  Then Jerry-Can carry.  This was the worst for me.  The grip was just unforgiving.  My hands starting shaking uncontrollably again and I’m forced to stop a few times.  So disappointing.

The last stretch was a ton of stairs.  Great.  I really want to sprint now.  Opportunity given and taken.  Then we get into the locker room for hand-release pushups, which I think I do well until the beautiful baby across from me knocks them out like an animal.  I fully understand at this point I’m not winning but I will continue to push to see my son’s race.  More stairs.  I love it.  Somehow the burn in my legs and lungs is like sweet relief.  Then I hear an announcement that the kid’s race is pushed back to 12:50.  I’m mad because now my tired body has an excuse to go over an hour.  I’m happy I won’t miss it, but still I wished I hadn’t heard that…

Now I’m out on the field.  The finish line is right there.  Box jumps.  I rule at these. I knock em out, and as soon as I’m about to move on Mike shows up.  I smack him on the ass (because that’s what you do when you look upon this mammal) and he looks surprised.  We nod.  Full confirmation that Spartachris is taking care of business.  Next were a few walls.  My hands were calming, so no problems.  Next was my other nemesis the traverse wall.  I just can’t figure this obstacle out, but if I can rise to the challenge, I beat Mike.  I try my best, but fail.  I don’t waste any time, I just get right into the burpees.  Right around #20 I see Mike ring the bell.  Game over for me.  I climb the cargo net, then blast through the gladiators.  I yell something unacceptable at them partially because of my hands, partially because they weren't hitting anyone hard, but mostly because I came so close to shocking my mates and came up short.

No time to really dwell on anything. My only priority is to get to my son and see his race. I find them quickly, and go over the mantra I taught Giovanni earlier that week, “The secret to racing is NEVER GIVE UP!”  He yells it and gives me thumbs up.  They run, he finishes, gets his medal, and gives me a huge hug.  We compare medals and take a few photos.  Mike nudges me and asks, “How proud are you?”  I seriously choke back some tears.  Giovanni is a sensitive guy.  I won’t/can’t shield him from adversity, but I can set a good example for him, and try to teach him how to deal with it.  He keeps smiling and we keep hugging.  Amazing.

So the smoke clears and John finishes in 1:01, Mike is 7 minutes behind that, and I am 1 minute behind Mike.  I get some huge compliments from my teammates.  They are equally surprised and impressed with my improvement.  I honestly don’t think they thought I could compete. I am really proud and I’m loving the comradery, but I feel like I’m just getting started.

So what do I take from this?  1 - I love my little boy and I’m beyond proud of him.  2 – Conquered a few obstacles that I couldn't handle in the past.  3 – I still have two fingertips with absolutely no feeling. That’s not really great, but it is freaky baby.  4 – I made a game of it with runners beyond my abilities.  5 – I fell short more than a few times, yet I saw massive improvement.

But that is exactly what this journey for the past two years has been… A giant pile of disappointment with a very few sweet victories.  A view from the back, sometimes from the front.

Christopher Lucania

Spartan Sprint at Citizens Bank Park

Finished my 5th Spartan Race of 2013 today. Today was a relatively simple course, I only say simple because last week was the Spartan World Championship in Killington VT. That race was the hardest and most brutal challenge that I’ve ever done. Today’s Spartan Sprint at Citizens Bank Park was literally a walk in the park! Now, with every Spartan Race I’ve done, from the Sprints to the Super to the Beast, I’ve always stuck with my team. However, today was the day that we unleashed hell on both the course and each other. Today was a competition between Mike, Chris and myself. The prize would be bragging rights. I’m going to do a play by play from my point of view.


Our heat started at 11 AM. We lined up on the starting grid and the countdown started, GO!!! I started off with a slow jog, slow and steady wins the race. Mike and Chris did the same. First up were the cords along up and down the ramps at CBP. Over and under a countless number of a tangled mess of bungee cords while making your way to the upper deck. At this point we’re all racing together, Chris and Mike passed me. Once we got to the top we started running stairs and across the upper deck bleachers. This is where I took the lead, they may have taken a wrong turn and I was really good on the steps. I was moving well and had a pretty good lead at this point while going through the concourses and opened it up even more when tackling the 25lb slam ball and going through the O-U-T (over, under, through) walls. Again, more steps, more running. I really opened it up. The Hercules hoist, lifting a large cement stone to the top of a pulley and then slowly back down, Chris was right next to me. Next up, monkey bars, was moving really good though them, however, the monkey bars are designed to be tough, I went reaching for the next bar but it was maybe 3 or 4 inches higher than what it should have been, I missed it and fell, 30 burpees! I start them immediately, around burpee 15 I see Mike easily make it though then I see Chris easily make it though. I’m now in 3rd.

Immediately after were the rowing machines. 500m in 2 minutes. No problem. I quickly found a free machine (right next to Chris). Didn’t see Mike (must have been doing it already). I begin rowing and Chris finishes his as I’m doing mine. Aroo. I got it and moved on, water station, had a cup of water, Mike was there also with water. Chris must have kept going, didn’t see him. Up next was a 6 ft wall. No challenge for Mike and I. More running to the top and more of those bungee cords. And then the Hobie band. A rubber band we put around our ankles and then we have to go up 2 more ramps with this band. Mike is in sight but it’s tough to move with this band. More running through the concourses and up and down the stands. I could be wrong but I think the 7 and 8 foot walls were after this. Mike was right in front of me and he gets over both walls before me but I’m not far behind. No sign of Chris, we must have passed him at this point.

Not sure if there are more obstacles in between but I finally catch up with Mike again at the next water station. Had a couple of cups and the spear throw is next. I GOT IT! I had a perfect throw and it stuck, I throw up my arms, pure adrenaline took over at this point. I take off, I look back and I see Mike miss the spear toss! He had to do burpees. This was my chance to open it up but it’s time for the rope climb. I quickly grabbed a rope and began pulling myself up. I don’t want to say it was easy but to be honest I don’t know how I did it but I made it to the top and slapped that bell. Still pumped up from the spear toss. I lower myself off the rope and look back for Mike and I see Chris on the rope right as he’s about to hit the bell!!! He must have been so far ahead of us and I caught up with him. He was exhausted as he fell off the rope but sprinted to the next obstacle, the Atlas Carry, I slowly jog.

The Atlas Carry is a large cement stone that you pick up off the ground and bring it from one side to the other and do 5 burpees. Chris was already on the other side and then I got to the other side and he was in pain. I asked if he needed any help and said his hands were hurting him, possibly from the rope climb just before that. I do my burpees and move on, asking him again if he needed help. He waved me off. At this point I was locked in and nothing was going to slow me down. I had the lead, Chris was in second and Mike in third. 40 jump ropes next with a big heavy rope. Done. Sandbags up and down the bleachers. Done. 2 giant water jugs up and down the bleachers. Done. I was moving as fast as I could.

Easily running through more bleachers, more steps, more concourses, down into the locker room. 20 hand release pushups. Easily done. Running outside onto the field, the race is almost over. 20 box jumps. Not easy but finished pretty quickly (fell and almost hurt myself due to going too fast). Military walls next, 4 5’ in succession which I easily leaped over. Sprinting around the warning track now, my sister, Giovanni and my Dad cheering me on, I see Mike’s brother cheering me on. Traverse wall next. I leaped up onto the wall, I moved quickly but took my time (does that make sense?). I slammed that bell at the end. Cargo net. the camera man was right there but I got up and over that so quickly that he might not have gotten the picture off. At that point it was just the gladiators. I was in a full sprint, throwing my arms in the air trying to egg on the gladiators. Still nothing but pure adrenaline after that spear toss. The gladiators hit me like a bunch of girls (nothing like those physical freaks at Killington). From what I hear Mike passed Chris on the field coming to the finish line. It was a close race!

Final results are:
Me: 1:01:42
Mike: 1:08:37
Chris: 1:09:44


Atlantic Coast Roller Girls

My sister, The Eiffel Terror, who is this month’s and the first featured Atlantic Coast Roller Girl, will appear in her home debut bout on September 7th, 2013.

IMG_6618 The Eiffel Terror
 #5’ 11”

Not only can she booty block like a pro but The Eiffel Terror will win any after party with her karaoke moves... she is an all-around asset to the team both on an off the track. She brings positive attitude, hard work and a passion for derby- all attributes that have led her to become a fierce competitor in a very short time. From working the bake sale to killing power jams and RULING the karaoke after parties, we are lucky to have our 5'11 Eiffel Terror! Read what she has to say about her roller derby experience...

Read More

For information, time, directions on her home debut bout, click the flyer below to transport to the ACRG site or RSVP on their Facebook event page. I’m proud of my little sis and can hardly wait to see her destroy the other girls. To see YOU there would make it an even more incredible event!



My birthday is fast approaching and it’s not too late to get me a gift. I love gifts? Here’s my Amazon wish list to give you a few ideas:

Or if you just want to get me beer that’s cool too.

The Aesthetic Union

My good pal James Tucker is starting his own letterpress shop in San Francisco. He’s an incredible talent and has done extraordinary work with some of the top letterpress shops in the world. He started a crowdsource project in order to raise funds to get his shop off the ground. Here’s a video of James discussing what he does and what his shop will offer.

Don’t waste any time and donate what you can now, in turn he can offer you some limited edition prints of his amazing work.

Lora Durr

One of my best friends, the beautiful and talented Lora Durr recently started her own website and I would love for everyone to check it out:

poppies lights

I think her painted collage work, such as the ones that I included, are amongst the best that I’ve ever seen. I’ve been working with her at
Artworks Trenton and have also been helping her push her ideas even further. She’s a great talent and really needs the confidence to do more, drop her a message and tell her how awesome her work is. Not only would she appreciate it, but so would I.


THIS Saturday, August 10th, 6 to 8 at Artworks Trenton. nOgWorks CAST OF CHARACTERS.


nOgWorks CAST OF CHARACTERS opens at Artworks Trenton
AbOmInOg Intl. Arts Collective presents a group sculpture show
From August 6 – September 21, 2013 the gallery at Artworks Trenton will be filled with the cast iron sculptures of an international group of allied artists who make up AbOmInOg Intl. Arts Collective. Featuring work made over the course of their 14 year history, the show represents the range of art created as the men and women of the collective have contributed to the monumental task of executing iron pours. The exhibition features an opening reception on August 10 from 6 – 8 pm, a panel discussion on September 6 from 8 – 9 pm, a closing reception on September 20, and a 3-part workshop series on metal casting taught by artists from the collective. Please contact Artworks Trenton for more information and to register.
Originally the collective came into being when artists affiliated with the Johnson Atelier in Hamilton, NJ pursued the vision of creating cast iron sculpture outside of the traditional foundry setting. It was a technical challenge to produce complex work requiring a melting point of 2800 degrees fahrenheit, but with the help of other dedicated and skilled artists, Matt Reiley, a founder of the collective, built the furnace or cupola. Affectionately named the AbOmInOg, and nicknamed the nOg, the furnace has served the group well, and can cast over a ton of iron artwork during an event with 250 lbs being poured at each tapping. Over the years these artists have reached out to their networks in an effort to maintain energy and keep the flame alive, enabling the group to run pop-up iron pours at both public and private events throughout Trenton and the region.
The show at Artworks represents the first time all the members of the collective have been invited to show the finished results created from AbOmInOg iron together.  Co-curator and artist, Aylin Green, states, “We are very excited by this opportunity to share  the fruits of our labor with the Trenton community. They may have seen us pour at events such as Art All Night, and now they will see what comes out of it. This exhibition brings accomplished artists from as far as Czech republic, Japan, and as close as Pearl Street in Trenton together for a really exceptional show of cast iron sculpture.”
For more information about the workshop and to register, click

Artworks Select and Artists & Buyers Reception

THIS Saturday, June 22, 6 to 9 at Artworks Trenton. Artworks Selects and Artists & Buyers Reception.


Artworks Selects and the Artists and Buyers Reception
Exhibit Dates: June 22 – July 27
Reception Date:  Saturday, June 22, 2013  6-9pm

A selection of some of the exceptional work submitted for Art All Night 2013 curated by the Artworks Board of Directors.

Buyers and artists, and all Art All Night art lovers, can mingle and meet at the June 22nd opening.

Add to our interactive sculpture in the ARTLab.  Begun at Art Making Day in May, continued at Art All Night, come add your piece!  All materials provided.

The red dot.

My latest painting sold in the opening hours of the 24 hour EPIC art event known as Art All Night. The last few paintings I’ve made had sold almost immediately in each exhibit they’ve been in. I’m truly fortunate that there are some folks out there that appreciate my work. Thank you!!!

Red Dot on Lora's Dream

Lora's Dream

Lora’s Dream is the new painting that I did for Art All Night 2013. It’s based on a painting by Eyvind Earle but done in this year’s Art All Night color, cyan. It will be on display at Art All Night with over a thousand other works. Art All Night starts Saturday June 15th at 3 and ends June 16th at 3. See you there!


Art All Night 2013

Art All Night 2013, New Jersey’s EPIC 24 hour arts event, will be THIS weekend. It’s amazing!!! Over 1,000 pieces of art, over 2 dozen musical performers, interactive events, food, master classes, a kids zone, even a film festival AND MORE!!!! All squeezed into 24 hours. It’s so amazing. I will be there the entire 24 hours. Hope to see you all there! Watch their FACEBOOK page for the latest updates and fun stuff!!!


Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market 2.0

TOMORROW!!! Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market 2.0 at the Trenton Social!


Unchained: The Art of the Bicycle

This Saturday, May 11th in “Unchained: The Art of the Bicycle” at Artworks!!!


Unchained – The Art of the Bicycle
Exhibit Dates: May 11 – June 13, 2013
Reception Date: May 11, 2013  6-8pm
Artworks is kick’n up the RPM’s with a bicycle themed art exhibit celebrating Trenton Cycling Revolution’s 17th Annual Bike Tour.   An exploration into the intersection of Art and Bike Culture, from depictions of bicycles and bike culture to objects made of bicycles.

The annual
Trenton Bike Tour will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2013. Artworks will be the location for the rest stop and an after party later in the afternoon.  Last year more than 200 bicycle enthusiasts, families, kids, local residents and out-of-towners started the 15-mile leisurely ride in Trenton’s Olmsted-designed Cadwalader Park, and continued on to tour the city’s historic streets and sights, diverse neighborhoods and community gardens. If you are not familiar with the Trenton Bike Tour, consider these words from a local rider, “I love the Trenton Bike Tour! If you are unfamiliar with Trenton, or even if you know it well, the Trenton Bike Tour is the coolest way to see the city.”  This year the tour will focus on public art in Trenton.

Artworks Trenton, Trenton Cycling Revolution (TCR), and SAGE Coalition are hosting a BBQ following the 2013 TCR Trenton Bike Tour!
Please join us for traditional barbeque fare, beverages, music by DJ Ahmad, and BMX bike tricks by SAGE Coalition.

Art Making Day 2013

Don’t forget! This weekend is Art Making Day at Artworks Trenton!


Don’t have any art to submit for Art All Night?
Create something at Art Making Day!
Join us on Saturday, May 4, from 11am to 3pm.

19 Everett Alley
Trenton, NJ

This year’s theme is The Big Draw!
Each venue will host workshops and activities for children and families, to experiment, play, communicate and collaborate through drawing, bringing the community together in a common purpose.   Everyone can join in, regardless of age or ability.
All ages and skill levels welcome! Free materials provided!

Art All Night Trenton 2013 Wants You!

Volunteer Art All Night

Art All Night Trenton 2013, the 24-hour arts extravaganza returning June 15th & 16th, is looking for volunteers! Volunteering is exciting, fun, and essential to the success of the event! Please consider working one of the 3 hours shifts this year, we would love to have your help!

When: Saturday, June 15th & Sunday, June 16th

Training: Sunday, June 9th: 1-3pm

Where: the Historic Roebling Wire Works, 675 South Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08611

For more information and to sign up online please visit:

or email

Thank you!


EdE Sinkovics: The rest of...


EdE Sinkovics
“The rest of…”
Paintings and Drawings

Exhibit Dates: April 9 – May 4, 2013
Artist Reception: April 13th 6-8pm
Music by the David Adolf Quartet
Artworks, Trenton’s downtown visual arts center and TerraCycle, Inc., the Trenton-based global leader in recycling the non-recyclable, are excited to announce “EdE Sinkovics: The rest of…”, a show by Hungarian artist EdE Sinkovics that captures the artist’s unique and respectfully irreverent style.

Warning: This exhibit contains mature subject matter and some graphic imagery. Parent/adult discretion is advised.  Parents should preview the exhibit before bringing children.

Pintrest: Beer

Here’s a board that I have up on Pintrest. I photograph different beers that I drink, I try to do them all in the same spot. Follow it!


Beach House - Wishes

My favorite band just released a new video from their 2012 album “Bloom” and it’s happens to be my favorite track off that album and my favorite track of that year. Awesome. To make it even better, directed by one of my favorite music video directors: Eric Wareheim, it’s awesome!


Control Alt Delete

New exhibit coming up at Artworks! Opening reception next Friday, March 1st. See you there!


March 1 – March 31, 2013
Reception: March 1, 4 – 7pm

An exhibition of new student paintings entitled Control, Alt, Delete is being presented at Artworks Trenton from Friday, March 1 to Sunday, March 31, 2013.  The exhibition will include paintings and sculptures produced by the twenty-eight students currently enrolled in Advanced Painting at TCNJ. In conjunction with the opening, there will be an artist reception and discussion of the works by the students and faculty on March 1, from 4-7:00PM.  Music will be provided by AMP’d, TCNJ’s student electronic music group.

Control, Alt, Delete takes its theme from the new and varied ways that contemporary painting is influenced by digital media. Led by Professor Greg Thielker, students in the Advanced Painting classes at the College of New Jersey use this theme to create paintings that are based on digital sources, filters, and tools along with traditional techniques. Rather than spelling the irrelevance of painting as contemporary art medium, these influences have served to reinvigorate the paintings in this exhibition with new colors, techniques, and sources.  Students have used the flexibility of paint to make reference to the blur of photography, pixilation of low-res imagery, and even the colors of infrared cameras.  Paintings in the exhibition function as exploration of the digital sources and reinterpretation by the artists. The title of the exhibit is a reference to the ability to interrupt processes on the computer, effectively freezing a way of looking.  Painting can be this interrupted moment, allowing us to consider the complex visual dynamics at work in the digital realm.

For more information on TCNJ’s Department of Art and Art History or Professor Thielker, please visit

Top 50 albums of 2012

This year was more difficult than in year past and it hurt me to leave out a lot of great albums. With that being said here’s my personal favorite albums of 2012.

1. Beach House - Bloom
2. A Place to Bury Strangers - Worship
3. Goat - World Music
4. Santigold - Master of My Make-Believe
5. The Soft Moon - Zeros
6. Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror
7. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange
8. Lower Dens - Nootropics
9. Crystal Castles - (III)
10. Emeralds - Just To Feel Anything
11. Shackleton - The Drawbar Organ/Music for the Quiet Hour
12. Memory Tapes - Grace/Confusion
13. Mi Ami - Decade
14. Peaking Lights - Lucifer
15. The xx - Coexist
16. Swans - The Seer
17. Dan Deacon - America
18. Animal Collective - Centipede Hz
19. Teeel - University Heights
20. Skeleton Lipstick - Glows Then Melts
21. Merchandise - Children of Desire
22. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Mature Themes
23. Grizzly Bear - Shields
24. Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
25. Om - Advaitic Songs
26. oOoOO - Our Loving Is Hurting Us
27. Dead Can Dance - Anastasis
28. Panabrite - The Baroque Album
29. Chromatics - Kill For Love
30. Nite Jewel - One Second of Love
31. Soil Creep - Small Death
32. jj - High Summer
33. Purity Ring - Shrines
34. Alexander Tucker - Third Mouth
35. Cold Specks - I Predict A Graceful Explusion
36. Holy Other - Held
37. Lorn - Ask The Dust
38. Yeasayer - Fragrant World
39. Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan
40. How to Dress Well - Total Loss
41. Raime - Quarter Turns Over A Living Line
42. Bat for Lashes - The Haunted Man
43. Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
44. Jessie Ware - Devotion
45. Grimes - Visions
46. Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin - Instrumental Tourist
47. Cat Power - Sun
48. Scott Walker - Bish Bosch
49. Demdike Stare - Elemental
50. X-TG - Desertshore/The Final Report

Ravens Super Bowl celebration panoramic

Took this awesome panoramic photo on the field at M&T Bank Stadium during the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl celebration.

Ravens Super Bowl celebration panoramic

Flag Football: Father or Flacco?

Over the weekend we had a friendly co-ed game of flag football. My father wore the #5 Joe Flacco jersey and was the quarterback. I think Flacco saw this video and was inspired. Would he have gotten the MVP if he hadn’t of seen it?

Pump fake. Scramble to the right. Throw to the left. Pass complete.

Baltimore Ravens 2012 NFL Champions!

The Baltimore Ravens have won the Super Bowl!!!!

Ravens Win!!!

I will definitely be going to the parade tomorrow to celebrate with the team!

Grizzly Bear - Gun-Shy

One of my favorite songs of 2012 just got a video...


SNL Digital Short: YOLO


Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

World Sampler

Opening reception is TONIGHT! (1/19)


World Sampler
A group exhibit curated by Frances Heinrich

January 15 – February 23, 2013

Artist Presentation & Reception:  January 19, 2013 (Snow Date January 26)
5-6pm   Curator Frances Heinrich will present a short Powerpoint talk, “Toward a Globalized Aesthetic.” followed by a gallery tour with exhibiting artists.
6-8pm  Reception

“We now live in a world that is constantly changing and becoming conceptually smaller and more connected. Most of us no longer believe or expect that everything is best when it appears Western and White. Instead, a savvy public enjoys and understands a kaleidoscopic blend of world-wide imagery, with all patterns, colors, and appearances equally valid. “World Sampler” seeks to include adventurous and culture-aware works which explore the idea of an increasingly globalized aesthetic.

Participating artists will include Tom Bendtsen, Carl Gombert, Eve Ingalls, Benjamin Jones, Monica Kane, Alan Kesselhaut, Frances Heinrich, and George Shortess. These artists all share a strong global/cultural consciousness and all “sample” some aspect of a global awakening. Issues of ethnicity, environment, information overload, and the search for a better quality of life are undertaken. The installations, sculptures, and wall works have been selected both for their high artistic merit and for their sensitivity to current concerns.”   – Curator, Frances Heinrich
Participating Artists:
Tom Bendtsen
Carl Gombert
Eve Ingalls
Benjamin Jones
Monica Kane
Alan Kesselhaut
Frances Heinrich
George Shortess

Top 5 Favorite Tracks of 2012

1: Artist: Beach House Track: Wishes Album: Bloom

2: Artist: Santigold Track: The Keepers Album: Master of My Make-Believe

3: Artist: Bat For Lashes Track: Laura Album: The Haunted Man

4: Artist: A Place To Bury Strangers Track: And I’m Up Album: Worship

5: Artist: Frank Ocean Track: Pyramids Album: Born To Die

Favorite live moment of 2012: Frank Ocean on SNL